Revenge of a Nerd


Snapping picture after picture with her IPhone, Debra Ashton’s eyes welled with tears as she beheld her daughter’s radiance.Eighteen year old Nina Ashton’s hair was perfect, her make-up was immaculate and her dress was absolutely breathtaking. Combining all of this with the girl’s enchanting dark blue eyes, her plump and pouting lips, her porcelain skin, her dazzling smile and her alluring statuesque figure: She was the epitome of the Goddess Aphrodite herself.It was senior prom night. And for Debra Ashton, it was the end of the beginning. Her last baby was all grown up.Oh how time flies, Debra thought. If only her father were alive to see her. Scott and Debra Ashton had divorced seven years earlier and Scott had been killed four years after that in a tragic boating accident while he was schmoozing clients. Though she despised the man from top to bottom after a very turbulent and philandering fourteen year marriage, Debra nonetheless felt tremendous compassion for her two daughters who were devastated at the sudden loss of their father. Meredith was just fifteen while Nina was just eleven at the time.With the limo waiting outside and Nina growing impatient, Debra took one last picture of the group of six: Nina, her two best friends and all three of their dates. Now that was the only thing that didn’t really seem to fit into the overall picture this evening; Nina’s date. As she was head of the varsity cheerleading squad and probably the most popular and beautiful girl on campus, her choice of a prom date was most surprising.For nearly the last two years, Nina had been seriously dating Evan Jordan: “The big man on campus!” Evan was a blond haired, blue-eyed, six-foot-four, a hundred and eighty pound muscle clad specimen of absolutely delicious young manhood. An All-State quarterback for the varsity football team and all-star pitcher for the varsity baseball team, he and Nina went together like peanut butter and jelly. While definitely not the sharpest pencil in the box scholastically, Evan had all the wit and charm of an eighteenth century debonair southern aristocrat. And he was so good looking! Debra Ashton had spent many a night in the privacy of her bedroom with her vibrator in hand and Evan Jordan on her mind.Then suddenly about two weeks before the prom, Nina and Evan broke up. Nina would not discuss it at all and Debra noted that she showed almost no emotion over it. Then out of nowhere, Nina announced that she was taking her student tutor, Jeremy Davis to the prom. Now while Jeremy is a very sweet and exceptionally brilliant young man, he isn’t exactly what Debra would consider to be anywhere in Nina’s league. A year younger than Nina, Jeremy Davis was an extremely lanky young man with short black hair and his skin was so very pale; almost ashen at times. Just barely as tall as Nina at five-nine, Jeremy always had a pair of thick rimmed glasses over his dark hazel eyes. His face was narrow and extremely ordinary and splattered with unsightly pimples while his cheeks were deeply sunken. His arms were long and wiry with enormous boney hands and long, skeletal fingers. His body was rail thin and sickly looking with virtually no muscle mass whatsoever. Yet his intelligence rivaled that of Albert Einstein and he had worked wonders with Nina’s comprehension of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. In layman’s terms, Jeremy Davis was a total nerd! So perhaps inviting him to the prom was Nina’s way of thanking him for all he had done for her and her future, Debra reasoned to herself. She also had to admit that the tuxedo that Nina had selected for him really worked well on him.Debra ultimately found the whole idea to be a very sweet and noble gesture on her daughter’s part, because let’s face it: Boys like Jeremy Davis do not get to go out with girls as beautiful as Nina.From the front porch of her five bedroom, two story home on the far northwest side of Indianapolis, Debra watched the kids climb into the stunning stretch limousine they’d hired for the evening.Wearing a turquoise sundress that fell to her calves and fit loosely around her lean, trim and shapely body, Debra felt the early June breeze cascade through her shoulder length dark chocolate brown hair. Standing nearly six feet tall on two long, toned and sexily sculpted legs rising up to form a magnificently firm and spherical ass with a slim and sexy waist, firm and flat tummy and two firm 34 C-cup breasts, forty-seven-year-old Debra Ashton was a stunningly beautiful woman with a pristine hourglass figure. Being of Italian descent, her skin was a gorgeous shade of olive; porcelain smooth and sinfully soft. Her face was narrow with dazzling dark green eyes, high cheeks, prim nose, perfect chin, and pouting, luscious lips. And her smile could take your breath away.Needless to say, nobody need ask Nina Ashton where she got her immaculate beauty once they behold her mother. Like mother, like daughter. Well, at least in physical beauty anyway.Debra watched the limo until it disappeared around the corner at the end of the block then went back into the house. Sighing despondently, Debra felt very melancholy as she looked around the cavernous house that had been her home for nearly twenty years. It seemed so empty now. She watched both her daughters grow up here. And now they were gone. True, Nina still had a couple of months before she left for college, but watching her tonight told Debra that her career as a full-time mother was over.Pouring herself a glass of Chianti, Debra sat on the living room sofa and turned on the local evening news as she thumbed through all the photos she’d taken of Nina and her prom night entourage on her phone. The next thing she knew, Debra had pulled out the old family photo albums and was sobbing piteously over Nina’s baby and toddler pictures. Before long, tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was feeling so sorry for herself.Just then, Debra’s phone alerted her that she’d just received a text message. Wiping her eyes and snatching up her phone off the coffee table, Debra gazed at the screen. Instantly she was a bit puzzled; for the message was from Sharon Jordan: Evan Jordan’s mother. And there was a picture attached. Unlocking her phone and opening the message, Debra was Anadolu Yakası Escort soon staring at yet another prom night picture of Nina and her entourage.Only there was one rather big difference between this picture and the one’s she’d taken not an hour ago. Instead of Jeremy Davis standing beside Nina, there was Evan Jordan.Totally baffled, Debra quickly dialed Sharon’s number and lifted the phone to her ear.Debra Ashton and Sharon Jordan had been good friends long before Nina and Evan ever began dating. They had actually met at a divorce therapy group for women as Sharon’s husband Andrew had divorced her at almost the exact same time that Scott and Debra were divorcing. They became very close friends and confidants. Then when Evan and Nina began dating, the two women agreed that they would keep their friendship completely independent of their children’s relationship and stay out of their affairs entirely.Yet ever since the break-up, Debra had not heard from Sharon. Needless to say she was a tad surprised to see that text from her. But not nearly as surprised as with what she saw in it.“Hey Deb,” Sharon’s sweet voice said as it came on the line, “Take it you got my text.”“Yes I did,” Debra replied. “And I’m a tad confused.”“Oh,” Sharon queried.“Did you take this picture today?” Debra asked.“Of course,” Sharon told her. “Not more than fifteen minutes ago. Just before the kids left.”“Nina and Evan were together?”“Yes.”“How did that come about?”“Ah Deb,” Sharon began, now sounding quite baffled herself, “My son and your daughter have been dating for over two years. Surely you’ve noticed that on occasion?”“But I thought they’d broken up,” Debra replied.“What?” Sharon shouted. “Debra honey, are you feeling okay?”“I’m not sure,” Debra answered. “Nina told me that she and Evan broke up two weeks ago. And when she left here this evening, her date for the prom was Jeremy Davis.”“Jeremy Davis,” Sharon nearly gasped. “That nerd that tutors her?”“Sharon,” Debra snapped defensively, “He’s a nice boy!”“Sorry,” Sharon replied, muffling a chuckle.“That’s why I haven’t been in touch with you the last couple of weeks and I figured it’s why you haven’t been in touch with me either,” Debra explained. “Just letting things cool off between the kids.”“Deb, are you sure you’re okay? Because you’re talking really crazy and I’m finding it rather hard to believe,” Sharon expounded. “First of all, Evan never breathed a word of anything of the sort to me. Plus, Nina has been over here almost constantly over the past two weeks. They seem more in love now than they ever have been.”“Sharon, I have pictures to prove it. Nina left this house tonight on the arm of Jeremy Davis,” Debra stated matter of factly.“In fact…” Debra pushed a few buttons on her phone and shot a text with an attached picture she’d taken to Sharon. “I just sent you a picture I took,” Debra told her.There was a brief moment of silence on the other end of the line as Sharon checked the message and viewed the picture.“What the hell,” Sharon finally said, now very confused.“I told you,” Debra replied.“Deb I swear, the limo pulled up and three couples got out: Tyler and Kylie, Brad and Jenna and of course, Evan and Nina. No Jeremy Davis,” Sharon told her.“Sharon, I’m sorry,” Debra replied, “But I am completely lost.”“I am, too,” Sharon said. “That is so strange. Why would….?? Oh no!”“What?”“Oh no!” Sharon sighed desperately.“What is it?” Debra demanded.“It was a prank,” Sharon explained.“A prank? What are you talking about?” Debra asked.“You were a sorority girl once, right?” Sharon questioned.“Yeah,” Debra answered. “But what does that have to do with…Oh my God!”“Yep,” Sharon conceded.“But why would they do such a horrible thing?”“Did we need a reason to torment and be mean to somebody we considered inferior?”“Maybe we are jumping to conclusions here,” Debra offered. “I mean maybe…”Just then, Debra’s front doorbell rang.“Somebody’s at the door,” Debra told Sharon.“Don’t hang up please,” Sharon replied. “I have a funny feeling.”“Then I’ve got the same funny feeling,” Debra said as she hurried across the living room, through the foyer and to the door. Turning the deadbolt and opening the door, Debra nearly dropped her phone and her heart instantly broke as she beheld Jeremy Davis.With the exception of his black socks and dress shoes, the rest of his clothing had been ripped from his body and all he had covering him were the remains of his tuxedo jacket wrapped around his waist. He was completely soaked from head to toe with water, mud, motor oil, shaving cream and based on the smell, fresh urine. His glasses were broken and just barely dangling on his face. There was blood running out his nose and tattered pieces of duct tape were wrapped around his wrist and ankles. Apparently he’d been bound but had managed to break free.Debra’s eyes bulged and she slapped her hand over her mouth as she gasped deeply. Tears instantly flooded her eyes.“Oh my God,” Debra gasped. “Oh, Jeremy!”“I’m terribly sorry,” Jeremy said calmly. “I just couldn’t think of any place else to go.”“Oh, honey,” Debra sobbed. “Oh Jeremy! Oh my God, what happened?”“I’d rather not talk about it,” he replied. “I’d just like to use your phone so I can call my Mom to come pick me up.”“Oh, honey,” Debra said. “Please come in.”“I really don’t think you want me to do that right now,” Jeremy replied. “If you could just dial for me and hold the phone.”“Deb? Deb?” Sharon shouted on the other end of the phone. “What’s going on?”“Sharon, you were right. Jeremy’s standing right in front of me. Or at least, what’s left of him.”“I’ll be right over,” Sharon stated.“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” Debra mumbled.“I am coming over,” Sharon stated again and the line went dead.Debra set her phone down on the table beside the door. “Oh Jeremy. Oh honey, I am so sorry. Won’t you please come in? We need to get you cleaned up. Please! I insist.”“Umm, maybe you have a garden hose or something I’d could use to at least rinse off before I come in,” Jeremy suggested.“Yeah, there’s one in the backyard. It’s behind the garage on the other side of the swimming pool. You can use the gate right over there.”“Thank you,” Jeremy said quietly.“Honey, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I don’t deserve your thanks.”“It wasn’t your fault.”“But it was my daughter.”“Still,” Jeremy said, “You are not her.”“As soon as you’re done, I want you to come inside and take a shower and really clean off good. I’ll find you something to put on. And don’t worry about calling anybody, I’ll get you home,” Debra told him.“Okay,” Jeremy said as he sauntered around the side of the house.It was then that Debra realized that the poor dear had even been stripped of his underwear as Jeremy’s two pale white and narrow ass cheeks were visible through the shredded remains of the jacket wrapped around him.Stepping back into the house and closing the front door, Debra was quivering with fury. Her first thought was to call Nina and order her home at once. She didn’t raise either of her daughter’s to be so blatantly cruel to another human being. But right now was hardly the time to deal with her. In truth, Debra Ashton didn’t even want to speak to her daughter, much less look at her. Never in her life had she been more disgusted and or more ashamed with one of her daughters.Kicking off her sandals, Debra hurried upstairs to the linen closet and collected a couple of towels for Jeremy to use. She then went down the long hallway and into Meredith’s old bathroom to make sure it was fully stocked and ready for use. Coming back down the stairs with the towels under her arm a few moments later, Debra was just passing through the foyer as the front doorbell rang again.Debra barely had the door knob turned before Sharon Jordan practically broke the door down on her way in and nearly trampled over Debra in the process.Like Debra Ashton, forty-nine-year-old Sharon Jordan was a stunning woman for her age. Aside from eighteen-year-old Evan, Sharon had two older boys as well. Twenty-three-year-old Tyler and twenty-seven-year-old Seth; who had just recently made her the grandmother of a precious little girl. Tall and slender with a divine hour glass figure and fair alabaster skin, Sharon stood nearly five-foot-ten. Her hair was a lovely shade of strawberry blonde; full and flowing down to her shoulder blades. Though not quite as tone and athletically built as Debra, Sharon was lean and trim with fertile hips, a flat tummy and a very pert and bountiful chest with glamorously round 34 C-cups. Sharon’s face was soft and beautiful with dazzling sky-blue eyes, plump ruby lips and a sparkling-white smile.Entering the foyer of the Ashton home dressed in a pair of white khaki shorts, a pink tank top and a pair of flip-flops on her feet with all that beautiful strawberry blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, Sharon carried a plastic bag full of clothing in her hand.“Hey, Deb,” Sharon said breathlessly.“Hi, Sharon,” Debra replied.The two women shared a brief hug and a peck kiss on the lips.“So what happened?” Sharon asked. “What did they do?”Debra brought Sharon up to speed on the situation as she led her through the house and into the kitchen where Sharon set the bag of clothing down in one of the chairs around the kitchen table.“When I get my hands on my son… ” Sharon hissed.“Tell me about it,” Debra replied. “Don’t get me wrong, I did some pretty mean-spirited things when I was their age, but this was just flat out hateful cruelty.”“So where is Jeremy now?” Sharon asked.“I guess he’s still hosing off behind the garage. He insisted on doing that before he came in the house,” Debra told her. “And to be perfectly honest, I’m glad he did because he was a horrible mess.”“Poor baby,” Sharon sighed.Just then, the two women heard a splash from out in the backyard.“What was that?” Sharon asked.“Sounds like somebody just dove in the pool,” Debra answered.The two of them stepped over to the bay windows and peered out through the venetian blinds onto the elegant patio and the elaborate in-ground swimming pool beyond. Jeremy had indeed dove into the pool and was now swimming freestyle the length of the pool and back again.“Well, I’m glad to see he’s making himself at home,” Sharon commented. “I certainly hope he rinsed off first.”“He did,” Debra said. “There’s the hose over there. I can tell it’s been used. And even if he didn’t, I don’t mind. I’ll make Nina clean the pool first thing when she gets home.””And still in her dress, right?” Sharon added.“Goddamn right! And without letting her sleep first either.”The two women shared a laugh and then Sharon seemed to focus closer on Jeremy in the pool.“Deb, is he naked in there?” Sharon asked.“I would think so,” Debra replied. “After all, the only thing left of his clothing was the tattered remains of his tuxedo jacket. In fact, there it is lying on the edge of the pool.”“I understand that,” Sharon offered. “But still, it’s daylight out. And you’re just inside. Seems a bit brazen of him to go skinny dipping in your swimming pool if you ask me.”“After the ordeal he’s been through this afternoon, I highly doubt going swimming naked could possibly embarrass him any more than he already is,” Debra reasoned.“How old is he?” Sharon queried.“Seventeen,” Debra answered.“Oh my,” Sharon whispered. “Just a baby.”The two women continued to watch Jeremy swim laps back and forth the length of the pool.“Certainly has good form,” Debra observed.“Deb, is it just me or is this kind of weird?” Sharon asked.“What?”“The two of us secretly watching a naked seventeen-year-old boy swimming in your pool,” Sharon explained.“What’s the matter? You feeling like a dirty old woman or something?” Debra asked slyly with a wink.“Absolutely not!” Sharon snapped.“Oh really,” Debra began, “There’s a seventeen-year-old, naked boy just a few feet away from you and you expect me to believe you haven’t had a dirty thought or two?””Deb, he’s not exactly my type. After all, he’s younger than all three of my sons. Plus, he’s a nerd,” Sharon reasoned.“Yes, but he’s still a seventeen-year-old young man. And he’s naked,” Debra joshed.“Oh please,” Sharon scoffed, “I’m a grandmother now.””And grandmothers don’t get horny?””Fuck off!”Just then Jeremy lifted himself up out of the pool and stood on the edge. Both women instantly fell silent with their eyes bulging.Neither could move! Escort Anadolu Yakası Neither could breathe.Jeremy’s skin was deathly pale but glistening beautifully in the fading afternoon sunlight. He was so thin that you could literally count his ribs at fifty paces. The pimples on his face were larger than his nipples and he had virtually no body hair except for on his legs, which were long and lanky. His feet were enormous while his waist and hips were extremely narrow.But it was what lie between those long and lanky legs that had Debra Ashton and Sharon Jordan entranced. From out of a thick and plentiful bushel of black pubic hair dangled a massive, vein-laced cock with two enormous and meaty balls suspended behind and below. Easily eight-and-a-half inches long and with considerable girth while in this flaccid state, one could only imagine the majesty of it when it was fully erected.“Oh my,” Sharon whispered with her hand now on her chest over her pounding heart.“Wow,” Debra whispered. Both women’s eyes remained locked on that immense specimen of sexual manhood as Jeremy stood at the edge of the pool running his hands through his hair and over his face. “So,” Debra finally spoke. “You feeling like a dirty old woman now?”“Oh,” Sharon stammered, “Maybe just a little bit.”Jeremy then turned away from them suddenly and scooted around the edge of the pool to the diving board at the far end. Climbing up on the board, he adjusted his massive length and then dove back into the water. Debra and Sharon never took their eyes off of him.“Okay,” Sharon uttered, “Not only am I a dirty old woman now, but also a very wet old woman to boot.”“Guess I ought to take these towels out to him,” Debra said.“Do what?” Sharon stuttered. “If he’s not bashful, why should we be?”“Maybe because he doesn’t know we’re watching him. Hell, he doesn’t even know I’m here!”Just then Jeremy again pulled himself up out of the pool. Picking up the tattered remains of his tuxedo jacket, he again wrapped it around his waist to cover himself. Picking up his shoes and socks, Jeremy approached the back door of the house.“Well doesn’t look like I’ll have to because I think he’s coming,” Debra said. With that, Debra unlocked and opened the back door just as Jeremy was about to knock.“Feeling a little better?” Debra asked.“Just so you know, Mrs. Ashton, I did hose off before I jumped into the pool,” Jeremy said.“Don’t worry about it, honey,” Debra told him. “That’s the last thing on my mind. Also, don’t call me Mrs. Ashton. My name is Debra. Now please come in. Here, I got you a couple of towels.” Debra handed Jeremy the towels as she took his shoes and socks.“Thank you,” Jeremy said softly.Stepping inside, Jeremy wrapped one of the towels around his waist and proceeded to start drying himself with the other when he noticed Sharon.“Oh I’m sorry, Mrs. Ashton,” he began.“Debra,” Debra corrected him with a smile.“I didn’t know you had company now.”“Oh no,” Debra said. “Jeremy this is Sharon Jordan. She’s Evan’s mother.”“Jeremy, I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am and how much I regret the way my son treated you,” Sharon said wholeheartedly.“And Nina, too,” Debra added. “Honey, I am so sorry.”“I’ll live,” Jeremy sighed. “It’s hardly the first time I’ve been humiliated in public.”“But this was such a hateful and personally cruel thing to do. Especially after all the work you’ve done trying to help her in her studies,” Debra said.“And I am so disgusted with Evan I cannot even begin to put it into words,” Sharon offered. “I never raised my son to treat people this way. Rest assured, he will never hear the end of this.”“Please,” Jeremy said. “I appreciate and accept your apologies. But right now I think I’d just like to go home.”“Only after you shower first,” Debra said. “If you go upstairs and down the hall to the last door on the right, you’ll find a full bathroom all ready for you. It’s fully stocked and you just take all the time you need.”“And once that’s done, I’ll take you home myself, honey.” Sharon added. “I even brought some of Evan’s old clothes for you to wear.””Thank you, Mrs. Jordan,” Jeremy whispered.”Sharon,” Sharon corrected him softly.“Last door on the right?” Jeremy asked Debra and she nodded. “Thank you.” Jeremy then turned and hurried across the living room before disappearing into the foyer.Seconds later, Debra and Sharon could hear his footsteps clunking up the stairs and then down the hallway above.“How about a glass of wine?” Debra said as she set Jeremy’s shoes and socks down beside the back door.“Got anything stronger?” Sharon asked.“I’ve got a bottle of Absolut Vodka and a couple of shot glasses,” Debra replied.“Make it a double, then,” Sharon told her. “Then I’ll have some wine.”After slamming a couple of shots of vodka each, Debra then poured a glass of Chianti for Sharon and herself before the two of them sat down together on the living room sofa. For nearly half an hour, the two women sat and talked as they sipped their wine and waited for Jeremy. Try as they might to talk of other things, their conversation kept coming back to Jeremy’s beautiful cock. This in turn led them to discuss their sex lives, or rather the lack thereof for both of them. Though they both had had their share of suitors since divorcing their husbands, between being full time single mothers and managing very lucrative careers –Sharon, a banking executive and Debra, a commercial real-estate broker– who had time for anything else?The alcohol was really beginning to kick in now as both women were feeling very warm and fuzzy. And free! So the topic of Jeremy and his immense rod of manhood became more and more frivolous.“Oh my God,” Sharon giggled, “You’re actually thinking about seducing him, aren’t you?”“I can’t get that big cock out of my mind,” Debra replied as she swallowed the last of her wine.“But he’s just a baby,” Sharon said. “And he’s…”“He’s what?” Debra asked. “Well he’s not very good looking,” Sharon finally answered.“He’s cute in his own way,” Debra snapped.“And I’m sorry, but he’s a nerd. He probably wouldn’t be a very good fuck,” Sharon told her.“Sharon, I don’t know about you,” Debra began, “But the absolute worst fuck I’ve ever had was still pretty good.”“True,” Sharon agreed.“Especially if they’re hung like that,” Debra added.Just then the two women heard the shower shut off upstairs.“Oh dear,” Sharon said, “I forgot to give him the clothes I brought.”“Then I guess he’ll have to come down to get them,” Debra told her.“I guess he will,” Sharon replied with a seductive grin as she finished the last of her wine.

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