Second Chance

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Second Chance

“Oh my god, Dan. You are making me cum…” She screamed as her pussy clutched my cock tightly while her body stiffened on me. She ejaculated a copious amount of vaginal juices over my cock which was on the verge of shooting my hot semen. And I knew that it was my cue for the climax.

“I’m cumming too,” I let it all go with one final thrust as I ejaculated inside her pussy. She was shuddering and I held her tightly with my arms wrapped around her as my cock shot several ropes of my potent cum into her fertile womb. It felt like ages before we came down from that earth shattering orgasm. I kissed her head which was resting on my shoulder and whispered, “I love you Sam.”

She whispered back in reply, “I love you too, Dan.”


I’m Daniel Warner, Process control manager in Ivy Town plant of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country. I was 31 years at the time of this incident. My marriage was not a happy one since my wife was a carrier oriented woman. She rarely had time even to be intimate. Then I had to attend to a conference in Madison City which was more than 300 miles away from where we lived. I attended with my assistant manager. I was feeling like flu since before the start of the journey, but still we stuck to our plans. First day went on without any hiccup. But on the second morning my condition had gotten worse. I didn’t even take my breakfast since I had lost my appetite. All I remember is entering the conference hall and talking with another acquaintance while my eyes blurred little by little and I remembered falling down on to the person I was talking with.

I was lying on a hospital bed when I woke up. My right wrist was connected to a bottle of saline, but no one was around me. I tried to move my arms and legs. But I was too weak to do that. But still I felt better than last two or three days. Luckily, a nurse came to the room and she checked my vitals. “I’ll inform the doctor,” She left.

The door was opened again and a lady doctor entered the room. She was a blonde with a darker skin complexion, most probably the hair must’ve been dyed and she must’ve been a little shorter than me, I guessed. Also she looked quite familiar, but my mind was too messed up to recall a name or a place we met. “Hello Dan,” She smiled at me, “How are you feeling now? It was quite a surprise to meet you here.”

It was like a lightning hit me. I knew that smile, that voice all too well to forget. How could I forget? A smile that I’ve known for a better part of my life. The smile which made me forget all my worries. But it had been more than 5 years since I last saw her. She had black hair back then and she must’ve colored her hair recently. I somehow managed to stammer her name with disbelief, “S… Sam?”

“Yes Dan, It’s me,” She said standing by my bed. “I talked with your assistant and he told me everything. You haven’t changed even a bit, Dan. You hadn’t listened to him and here you are, laying on a hospital bed weakly. You are still stubborn as the Daniel I used to know,” She said and checked my vitals.

“How.. How do you work here? I thought you stayed in Ivy City.” I asked. Ivy city was our home town.

“I couldn’t stay there after I graduated. Lots of memories there, you know. So I decided to move here with my husband,” She said. “Your vitals are getting better. But you’ll have to stay a few days at the hospital.”

“Anything you say doctor,” I replied.

I was feeling better over the next few days. I called my wife to tell her about the situation and told her it was okay if she couldn’t visit me. And I knew she wouldn’t visit me taking a day or two leave from her job. Then I called to take leave for a week.

I think it’s better if I tell you about how I knew my doctor, Samantha Stevens, or Sam as I called her. Both of us were from Ivy town and also from the same neighborhood. We first met at the kindergarten and we were good friends since. Even our parents were good friends. Her father was half black and mother was Caucasian. Hence she had a complexion around whitish brown which I found rather hot. She had an elder sister and a younger sister while I was the only child. We were together in primary school and middle school. She was a bright student at the time, so was I. We helped each other in academics and I think that’s why both of us were good students. Even though we were really good friends, I wanted us to be more than that. But I was afraid that I would lose her friendship if she turned me down. So I kept my feelings to myself.

Then, her parents sent her to the high school in the other part of the city since it was the one which her mother went. She stayed at her uncle’s place during the week and came home during the weekends and holidays. She visited my place or I visited her place during weekends. We talked about her new high school, our friends and everything that 2 good friends could chat. Sometimes we went out for a walk while talking. This routine otele gelen escort went on until we were in the senior year. My crush on her was always there even though I didn’t tell her.

I mustered courage during one of those long walks and asked her out to be my girlfriend. She looked quite surprised but she said “yes.” That was the start of the happiest period of my life. Though we couldn’t meet frequently, we called each other through mobile phones. Everyone who knew about us were really happy, except our parents. For some reasons they didn’t like our relationship. Since Sam was a conservative girl, she wanted her parents’ blessing for us. She was in a mental conflict whether to continue our relationship or not.

We graduated from high school and then I went on to study Chemical Engineering while she chose to enter medical college. We both knew that even though we loved each other very much, our relationship was fragile because of our parents and our distance. Yes, we went to different universities as well. Then during our sophomore years, we decided to end it. She was the one to suggest it and I knew it was just a matter of time before those words came out of her mouth.

Time flew, and we went on our separate paths. But we still kept in touch with each other. After some time I met my wife who was studying management at the college. She was quite different back then and we decided to tie the knot one year after the graduation.

Then we moved to the Central City after our marriage from my home town, Ivy City. That was the last time I saw Sam before I met her at the hospital. I heard from my parents that she got married to a wealthy businessman after a year of my marriage. My marriage life was great for more than 2 years until my wife became more and more carrier centered. I’m not going to make you bored telling all the problems of my marriage. The bottom line was our sex life was drying up and I was desperate for some intimacy in my life after 5 years of my marriage. The truth was that my wife didn’t even want a child. I just wanted to cheat on her and find a lover for me, but I couldn’t make my mind for that. So I kept living in that misery of a life.

That is past and back to the present. I had to stay at the hospital for another 2 days before Sam was satisfied with my condition. She made sure that I was properly taken care by the nurses. But still, she visited me a lot during her hours and also while she was off duty. We had lot of catching up to do about each other’s lives during past 5 years. I got to know that Sam’s marriage was arranged by her parents and husband was a very rich businessman who was about 10 years older than her. He wanted her to quit the job, but she still worked because she loved helping people. Sam is her husband’s second wife. He has 2 children from his first marriage, who are living with their mother. He had a vasectomy done after they were born. Sam had been so upset since he revealed that to her. I knew how much she loved children. She loved to help children, especially little babies. She had always wanted to have children of her own. But her husband had denied that from her and it hurt me even to know that. Her eyes swelled with tears while she was telling me that. There was nothing I could do except share her sorrow.

Suddenly, she hugged me and started to cry. I was quite surprised by this. But I hugged her beck and said, “Don’t worry Sam. Everything will be fine.”

“How can it be fine Dan? My husband won’t give me a baby. You know how much I love kids,” She asked. I didn’t tell anything and let her cry. She cried for some time and finally composed herself.

“I’m really sorry for telling you everything Dan. I know you don’t want to hear them. I’m really sorry. But I have no one to tell them,” She sobbed.

“No, no, honey, don’t ever think like that. I’ll listen to anything you have to say. I’ll always be there for you. Don’t you ever forget that,” I said wiping her tears away.

She smiled with some effort. “I know,” She whispered and stood up from the bed to leave. She turned to leave, but she paused. Then turned back and planted a very short kiss on my lips. “Thank you,” She said. She caught me by surprise with that bold move. I never expected her to kiss me again. But she did.

There’s something I have to tell before continuing with the story. Even though I broke up with Sam all those years ago, I couldn’t bury the memories and my feelings towards her. I knew she also felt the same. The only reason for us to end our relationship was our parents’ influence. So we had to go on our separate ways. I didn’t even look for a girlfriend for some time after the incident and eventually, I had to move on with my life. Then I met my wife and to tell you the truth, I could never love her the way I loved Sam. Not even half of it. I could never forget her and my love for her remained there at the bottom of my heart.

Then pendik escort I met Sam at the hospital, which only reignited my feelings for her. That closeness during the days I had to stay at the hospital fueled the feelings more. I knew it was wrong since both of us are married to other people. But still, my gut told me to tell her about how I felt, no matter what happened. What’s the worst that could happen?

Back to the story. I was medically cleared after 2 days of stay at the hospital. The conference had been ended by that time. I decided to stay for another couple of days in Madison City. So, I called my assistant manager to go back since I’d be staying for another couple of days.

Sam came to see me when I was leaving the hospital. “Thank you so much for treating me Sam. And it was so good to see you again,” I said.

“I’m glad I could help,” She said. “Are you leaving today itself?”

“No, I’ll be staying at the Bates Hotel for another couple of days,” I said. I wanted to ask her out on a dinner. But I was afraid of what she might say.

She smiled. “Then you should travel around the city while you stay here.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for,” I said.

“Okay then. Have a great time and travel safely. Hopefully we’ll meet again, but not at a hospital,” She said.

This was it. It was now or never. “I’m looking forward to that. Umm… Sam, do you have plans for tonight?” I asked. My heart began to beat faster and faster.

She thought for a moment and said, “Actually yes. My plan is to go home in the evening, eat something and watch some movies since my husband is abroad on a business trip. But those plans could be cancelled,” She said with a slight grin.

This woman always liked playing with my mind. “I was hoping that we could go out for a dinner. To thank you for treating me.”

She looked excited to hear that. “Are you asking me out on a date?” She asked.

“You can say that,” I replied.

“I don’t know if we can call it a date since both of us are married to different people. But, I’ll come,” She said with a smile.

“I’ll pick you up at 7 o’clock,” I said and took her address. Then I left for the hotel.

I checked in to the hotel and the first thing I did was to call one of the best restaurants in city and reserve a table for us. Then I had a little nap. I woke up in the evening and had a shower. I was going to shave my beard which I had let to grow for almost a week. But I remembered that Sam liked my beard rather than shaved. So I let it be like that. I wore a tux without the bow since it made me feel comfortable. I had also bought a bottle of the same brand of cologne that she loved when I used it. I sprayed some of that on me too. I wanted her to feel like the old days and I hoped that would be successful.

I bought a bouquet of roses for her on my way to her home. She was living in a part of the city where almost all the houses belonged to the wealthiest people of the city. Her home was one of the most beautiful ones in the neighborhood and of course it was much larger than my house.

I drove past the opened gate and parked my Toyota Prius next to her Honda Civic. I went to the door and rang the doorbell. Few moments later the door was opened and Sam was standing there like a goddess. I can’t remember a day that she looked more beautiful. She had applied only a little makeup with red lipstick. Also she was wearing the glasses she was using for the short sightedness which made her look so cute. Her blond hair was freely cascading over her left shoulder on to her chest and her black shoulder less dress was covering all the way to her legs. She looked taller in her 3″ heels. “Hi Dan,” She greeted me. “Please come in if we are not late for the reservation.”

It was only then I was able to snap out of my trance. “Oh, hi. No, no, it won’t be a problem,” I said and presented the bouquet of roses to her. “Are these for me?” She asked in surprise. “Of course my lady. I remember that you loved red roses and I guessed still your taste hasn’t changed” I replied.

“No, it hasn’t. You always knew how to make me feel special,” She said and planted a kiss on my cheek making me blush.

“Just wait until I keep these in my room,” She said and left.

A few seconds later she appeared back. Then she made sure all the doors are locked and then we left. I opened the passenger door of my car for her and I hopped on to the driver’s seat.

It was only a 20 minute drive to the restaurant. I was the one did most of the talking while driving, like the old times. I was always the talkative one when we met and she’d listen to everything I said. Suddenly, she kissed my arm and asked me, “Dan, is it the same perfume you used all those years ago?”

“Yes,” I replied. “You still like it?”

“Of course. That smell drove me wild every time I was with you,” She said. It wasn’t a secret to me.

I parked my car in the car rus escort park and we went in. They had reserved a corner table for us as I had informed. We chatted about different things like our jobs, our lives and even our memories together. I felt so happy after a really long time and Sam looked so happy without bothering about any other problems. A small band stated to play some time after the dinner. It didn’t take long for the dance floor to get crowded with couples. I too got up and invited her for a dance. She gladly accepted.

I forgot to mention before that Sam was multi-talented. Other than being a good doctor, she was a great dancer, a singer, a violinist and a poet. But that day at the dance floor, we just held ourselves close and moved to some very simple steps.

Few minutes into our dance, we were lost in our own world looking into each other’s eyes. “You haven’t changed even a bit. You are still the same Dan I used to know, habits, attitudes, perfume and the beard I loved so much,” She said touching my beard which she loved very much since it started to grow.

That made my heart beat faster. Everything I did so far, was for that. I was hoping that would reignite her feelings for me.

“But you’ve changed, obviously. Starting with your hair,” I said.

She smiled. “I’ve been coloring it since my marriage. I didn’t want to be the person I was, my original self to anybody, but you. Biggest regret of my life is breaking up with you. I couldn’t forget you even after my marriage. That’s why I changed myself and moved here. To escape from my past. But look where the fate has brought us.”

I knew it was time for me to spill my heart out. Also it was a now or never situation. “Sam, there’s something I wanted to tell you since I met you at the hospital. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do. But I have to tell it to you before I go crazy.”

“You can tell me anything Dan. I won’t judge,” She said.

“But not here. Let’s go,” I said and dragged her out of the dance floor. Then I paid the bill and came out to the parking lot.

We came to my car stopped outside. “Please promise me that you won’t hate me after hearing this,” I asked her.

“Dan, why would I hate you for?” She asked.

“Just promise me,” I urged.

“Okay, okay, I promise,” She promised me.

I looked around to see if anyone was listening. Only the security guard was there and I was sure that he couldn’t hear us. “You know, things ended badly between us. Then we had to move on with our lives whether we liked it or not and we did. We had to marry and do a job and life got all mechanical. Apparently, there was nothing wrong with my life. I have money, a wife and she also does a good job. But still, I couldn’t say that my life is complete. I knew there was something missing. I had thought for some time and I knew what it was. It was you, Sam. It was you. You were the best thing happened to me. You always understood me. Yes, we had our differences. Yet, you always listened to me and you were the one I always turned to when I needed guidance. I couldn’t love my wife or any of my previous girlfriends like the way I loved you. I couldn’t ask any of them for guidance when I didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t cheer me up like you did. I knew it was useless to have some hope. But, at a far corner of my heart, there was a slight hope that you and I would be together someday, even it is the day of my death. And I never stopped loving you. Our meeting at the hospital only reignited that love more. I know it is wrong and unacceptable. You have a husband and I have a wife. But I can’t help it. Sam, I’m in love with you. In fact, I’ve never stopped loving you even after our break up,” I was talking nonstop until there.

Sam’s face showed a look of surprise mixed with happiness.

“And please before you say anything, I want to tell you one more thing,” That was all I could say before she jumped onto me and mashed her lips over mine, wrapping her arms around my neck. That was the last thing I expected from her. It took me a few seconds to reciprocate the kiss since she caught me by surprise. Our previous kiss at the hospital was just a friendly peck in the lips. But this one was way beyond that.

Sam was kissing me with a passion that I had never seen in my wife. Her eyes were closed and I also closed my eyes to enjoy this feeling which I was experiencing after almost a decade. I wrapped my arms around her and reciprocated it with the same passion she was having. I was going to push my tongue into her mouth when I heard a sob. I opened my eyes, still kissing her to see that she was silently crying while kissing me.

“What’s the matter Sam?” I asked not knowing the reason behind it.

“I missed you too Dan. I couldn’t stop loving you even after you married and left the city. I wanted to forget about you. But I couldn’t. That’s why I changed myself and left the city with my husband. But still I remembered about you every day. Sometimes I masturbated imagining you, when my husband couldn’t satisfy me. I know we never made love, but just remembering the good times we shared would make me cum rather than having my husband’s cock in me. Your hands on my buttocks, your mouth on my nipples, those would make me cum very quickly,” She was saying in between her sobs as I held her tightly.

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