Stuck Erotica: Snowed In, Deep


I had a plan… It was bulletproof. Or so I thought. Get a degree, find a decent job… Not so much. Now two years into “adulting” I was a nanny AND an Uber driver with a massive student loan debt. I guess almost everyone else my age was in the same boat. So.. jobs are hard to find. It’s embarrassing to say but right now I mostly live in my SUV. I save a ton of money and I like to travel… But when it’s cold out, like now, I couch surf at my best friend’s place.

Tonight just seemed like any other, little did I know my luck was about to change when I picked up an Uber rider.

We did the usual dance; the guy asked my name as he stepped into my SUV. He was an older man, grey hair, weathered-looking but charming. We made small talk. He was in the big city doing interviews. A talent recruiter for a small-town TV station in a remote northern city.

I thought about it for a minute as I drove. I did like to tell stories, I was good at it. But a job like that would mean moving. I mean, it’s not like I had much to move… It was in the middle of nowhere, I wasn’t sure where this “North Slope” place he talked about was, but I bet they see the northern lights there. So, I told him I was interested. One thing led to another and we traded information. That evening he called and offered me a position reporting for the local news department. I was going to be the new Junior Reporter for North Slope Network. Now I had a road trip to plan…

I have to say… reading a map, not my forte. I studied the arts, not geography. And getting to this place was even a mystery to google maps. But I sort of figured things out and watched for the occasional road signs. Then I realized I was lost… again… At the last fork in the road a while back, I think the sign had fallen over, so I took a guess. A lucky left? I let out a sigh, I should have looked at the map…

To make things even more confusing and dangerous, it had started to snow, heavily. If you didn’t know it was March you’d think it was Christmas day. I backed up to turn around and with a large THUMP, I felt the rear end of my SUV drop! My heart sank, I tried to go forward and the wheels spun. SHIT! 4 wheel drive my ass. I got out to look and my eyelashes instantly froze and my lips chapped… Holy crap it was freezing out! My SUV had slipped off the road. It looked solid but I was bumper deep in a snow-covered ditch.

I decided to get back in my SUV to warm up and think. Stupidly, I wasn’t wearing a hat, I didn’t even own gloves and I was already worried frostbite had set in. My ears and fingers were numb. Even my toes felt frozen through my thick socks and boots and I had only gone out for a moment. I dug out some extra socks for my feet and hands and put on a few more layers. Folding out the paper map like an accordion to take a closer look, It seemed like I was in the middle of nowhere. If I was even on the right part of the map! I grabbed my phone, I could at least call roadside assistance. As I tried searching for the number I realized I had absolutely no service. I put my head on the steering wheel.

One thing was for sure, If I didn’t figure something out, everything would be buried in a snowbank within a couple of hours and then what? I wasn’t prepared, let alone physically equip to have to dig myself out. Should I wait for help? Hope that someone drives by and sees me? Fuck.

I grabbed the flashlight I had in my glove compartment and decided to walk down the street for a bit to try to find a road sign before it got too dark.

It was hard walking through the knee-high snow and now I wished I had taken a blanket as well. It was tits cold and I have the kind of tits that would know. Fuck, the wind bit through my shitty coat and right to the nipples. My skin was starting to hurt, burn aydınlı escort even. My face was numb, and my thighs were rubbing my pussy wrong as well. Everything stung.

The whole time I wondered how far it would be to get a signal when the fucking battery on my phone died. It was an older phone and didn’t hold a charge very well, especially in these frigid temperatures. Now I needed to trudge back. Cursing my stupidity, I turned and quickly noticed two things…

The first was, where were my fucking tracks? The snow was blowing hard and coming down so fast that they were almost already gone. But that wasn’t why a flash of heat came over my body. I wasn’t cold anymore and began to sweat nervously… two wolves were standing there, right in front of me! My heart started to pound and I could see my breath, like fog in the air, as it started to speed up.

They must have been following me. I’ve only ever seen wolves like this on sweatshirts. One was jet black and the other had a lot of white markings with grey on its head. Through the snow, I could just make out the yellow eyes in my flashlight. Well, this is just fucking great; how could this get any better. I can hear the news story already “Lost Reporter Mauled to Death By Wolves” – What if they don’t find my body, I’ll just be a dozen piles of frozen wolf shit sprinkled around.

My heart was really racing now. The black one put its head low like it was deciding what it wanted to grab first. My throat or my leg. At that moment I knew what a dear must feel like, and, like an idiot, I turned and ran. Even as I did it, I thought about how stupid I was.. and then I slipped. The slipping was the easy part, it was the rolling off of the god damned road and hitting my head that totally sucked, I tumbled down like a log, into a ditch and thankfully, I hit a rock. Lights out.

I woke up in a warm place. A cave? I was looking at a rock wall. It smelled musty. Did the wolves drag me to their den to finish me off? Did I still have all my limbs? My head hurt like hell. Fuck. My hair felt like it was sticking to my face, one eye glued shut. I put my hand up to my face to assess what the hell was going on and touched something that felt like it was sticking out of my forehead. Shit, was my face split open? It stung when I touched it and it freaked me out so I started to cry and whimper.

I heard something behind me, and I quickly turned. It was a huge fur covered mass. MUCH bigger than a wolf… A new headline echoed in my head “Lost Reporter Mauled by Wolves, Finished off By Bear”. I could hardly see out of one eye and that was through my blood matted hair.

I let out a gasp in fear. I realized that I had been mostly undressed… I was lying there naked with the socks still over my hands and feet just as I had put them there earlier… Weird. My eyes tried to focus on what was in front of me but my body was shivering and my breathing rapid.

There was a deep booming rumble as the bear thing moved at me. Then it grabbed me. I squirmed and struggled and kicked and hit a soft spot. But in the end, it won. I was spent anyway and I stopped struggling.

“I’m just trying to help” he grunted, as he gently sat me up. Well, If this thing was a bear it had a talent for speaking English.

I squinted to see. In the flickering light, I saw two eyes. Golden and piercing. He had dark hair with a little peppering of gray. His massive hands supported me as I panted for breath, my tits on full display. He released his firm but soft hold and went to get me some water. Considering everything happening around me, I felt oddly relaxed. He didn’t seem to notice my breasts or seem care about anything other than my well being.

Once I cleaned bağdat caddesi escort my face and hair, I looked around and noticed I wasn’t in a cave at all, but a small cozy cabin. I took inventory, in the mirror I saw the end of my nose was a burning red, the tips of my ears were too and, fuck me, I could just feel one of my labia was pissed off angry. I was a mess. Frostbite he said.

There was a massive gash across my head, held together with stitches making me look like the bride of Frankenstein. That was going to leave a mark.

I looked around for my clothes. My coat was on the floor in the corner dirty, soaking wet and bloody. My pants and hoodie looked cleaned and were hanging up above the fire drying out… I asked him if he had something for me to put on and I’m not sure what I expected really… Maybe for him to rummage around in a cabinet or something but instead he stood up and pulled off the fur he had draped over his shoulders. He must have been six foot nine, a bear of a man.

I swallowed hard as he disrobed from the waist up. He handed me the fur throw telling me his name was Beau.

This man was muscle and weight and hair. Beastly and sexy. His arms were perfect like he had spent his days chopping wood with his fists. He was gorgeous, dripping with testosterone and he was standing right there in front of me. Suddenly my thoughts went more toward getting him more naked than putting anything on. I strategically draped the large fur around my dainty shoulders, still exposing myself to him. He had turned around to throw a log on the fire. His back was broad, and I could have just gone and pressed myself to him right then.

Sitting in the soft light of the fire and looking at him I decided I needed to know this mysterious Sasquatch man better. A lot better. He wasn’t much of a talker, so, I followed my first impulse. I ditched the hand and foot socks and went up behind him and pressed my naked body against his. he grunted then turned around to lock eyes with me. He was surprised at first, not knowing how to react but as we looked at each other he gave into me and we kissed. It was obvious that I wanted him, the kiss was sloppy and primal. Not sure if that was his fault or mine. He pulled me up as our mouths locked and tongues intertwined.

I knew as he pulled me into him that I wasn’t going to stop. I could feel his hot breath as he devoured my mouth, It made me flush with warmth all over.

“I hope you’ll let me repay you for rescuing me from those wolves,” I said as I let my hands travel down his chest and stomach towards the knob growing in his slacks.

He paused and tried to be chivalrous and do the right thing, It seemed like he was worried about taking advantage but I reassured him this was what I wanted by softly kissing his hairy shoulders and arms, up to his neck. He let out a groan of satisfaction. I could tell he was a lonely man and that he was a good man with an honest heart and that made me want it even more. I kissed him again, with more force.

I didn’t want him to let go of me. So I held him with my legs and I pulled on his zipper, then pulled down part of his pants exposing his rock hard cock. It was like an axe sticking out of his pants and I couldn’t wait to get a taste.

I caressed the shaft of his large veiny cock as I slowly swirled my tongue around the tip, teasing him. Clearly, this was a new experience for him, as the muscles in his legs tightened and jolted as I worked his head.

I licked my lips as I sat up and looked down between us while spreading my legs. Begging him to play with my slit with the end of his thick cock. I was already wet.

“You’re big, but I think I can take it,” I said. I didn’t bostancı escort really believe myself… It was obscene. Monstrous. Inhuman. But I wanted it. Inside I was begging for it. As I kissed him I put his cock at my entrance.

I pushed my tight pussy up a little, coaxing him inside but as wet as I was for him it was too tight of a fit. He stopped to go down on me and got me wetter, inserting one, then two, finally three burly fingers into me. That would have been enough to make me come if he had kept it up. But then he sat up, his enormous cock in full view.

I leaned forward and returned the favour. Fully but barely taking his dick in my mouth this time. I licked and wet him, getting a hint of his salty pre-cum as I wedged as much of his cock in my throat as I could, choking on it. He didn’t let me continue for too long before he was back on my pussy, licking and panting on my thighs and teasing my clit. Goosebumps broke out all over my body as I felt a cool draft and my nipples perked up delightedly.

This foreplay was driving me insane, I wanted him so badly.

“You want me to spread my pussy for you?”

He nodded and grunted and finally positioned himself over me as I spread my legs for him, an animalistic urge behind his amber eyes. He expertly guided that thick cock to the entrance of my pussy and this time pushed in a few inches and opened me up wide, it made me moan out in painful pleasure. He kissed me softly. I had never been made love to this way.

We kissed again and he pulled me onto his cock all the way. I felt like I was floating as he went deeper and deeper. I’ve had sex before but with him, I felt new… I’ve never been with a man of this nature… and this size. I reached down when he stopped pushing and tickled his balls as we stayed locked together. He sucked my nipples and scratched at my back. Every nerve on my body was standing on end, I still wanted more. Could I handle more?

“Fuck me, Beau”

I rolled over and put my ass in the air, presenting it to him. He mounted me and I don’t say that lightly. For the first time, I felt like a man was taking me completely. He pushed inside me and I felt him press on everything all at once. He was no longer gentle but very forceful. Every pump had a purpose. I braced myself for him.

“God, you’re huge.”

He licked and nibbled at my neck as he slid his cock in and out of me, fucking my little pussy and spreading apart my ass cheeks. I was rubbing my clit and It didn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm building.

“I’m going to come on your cock Beau. Fuck me!!” I said as my orgasm rolled through me, my leg starting to shake; soaking him with my juices. My pussy was pulsating as he kept fucking me deeper and deeper. I sensed he was about to come and he pulled out to make a mess all over my ass and my back. He then flipped me over and fucked my mouth. I was covered in his come and… I felt like I was his woman. The wolf alpha marking me as his territory. He owned me now. Fuck I was never going to feel the same again after this.

The next morning I woke up shivering, it was bright and cold. Nothing like the warm inviting cabin I remembered from last night. I felt numb. The sharp sound of a hawk screeching pierced my ear and I jolted up. I was dizzy and confused. I was laying in the middle of the ditch I had slipped into earlier, my blood like a pollock painting in the snow, animal footprints all around. I still had socks on my hands but the clothes on my body were torn apart. There was absolutely no sign of Beau anywhere but the scratches on my legs and my soaking wet panties made me want to believe otherwise.

What happened last night?

I somehow mustered up the strength to gather myself and walk back to my SUV. As I was coming up over the ledge I could hear sirens and see flashing lights. A wave of relief swept over me as I could hear a reporter’s voice in the distance…

“This morning an abandoned SUV was found snowed In, deep just outside of North Slope. This a developing story and we’ll keep you updated once we know if there were any survivors… My names Beau, reporting for North Slope Network”

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