SueAnn’s Night of Pleasure Ch. 01


SueAnn was already hot and sticky between her thighs by the time she turned the pickup truck off of the main road and started down the long driveway to the compound. Not wet in a pleasurable way, but hot and sticky and sweaty after a long day of wrassling with a bunch of Brahma cattle in the hot sun of rural Colombia. “Shit,” she thought to herself as she felt her own sweat-soaked tee-shirt clinging to her tits and sniffed her own pungent body odor, “I need a fucking shower and a beer like there’s no fucking tomorrow!”

She had been working at the project for over a year now. It was a cattle station in a hot, tropical coastal town in western Colombia which served to provide livestock to some of the area’s poor indigenous farmers. She had come to the project through a program with her church, fresh out of high school with 18 years’ worth of farm experience in Tennessee. But now, as she approached her 20th birthday, SueAnn felt the need to get back to the states, to see her friends and party with them, and to start her life. She had already informed her bosses that she intended to leave in two months when her current contract was up.

As she sped in her truck down the dusty trail leading to the main quarters, she turned the last bend in the road and suddenly, she saw it…the black Jeep!

Instantly, without even being able to control it, her bowels began to contract into knots in her belly, and her vagina began to heat up. As millions of cells which lined her reproductive tract began to secrete lubricant, her nipples began to stiffen, and involuntarily, SueAnn began to breathe in little heaves. “Holy fuck!” she thought to herself, ‘”he’s fucking here!” And as she pulled her truck up into a corner by the garage and parked it, SueAnn rubbed her hot, moist cunt through her jeans. Only now, the moistness wasn’t all sweat…it was mostly female pleasure juice, lining her vagina with lubricant in anticipation of a little reproduction action. SueAnn’s body knew that she was going to be pleasured orally, fucked up her ass, and spermed on all night long! David was here!


SueAnn had met David almost a year ago. He was the South American rep for the company which sponsored the project. David typically showed up during the last week of each month, to deliver supplies and collect paperwork. The first time they were introduced to each other SueAnn had almost creamed in her pants. After months of nothing but masturbation to pleasure her bursting, nubile 19-year old body, she found herself face-to-face with a handsome, virile, and very horny guy twice her age. They fucked their brains out the first night, and had continued to have wild sex every time they got together.

Grabbing her backpack and jumping out of the truck, SueAnn made her way into the barn. She called out, and heard David answer her from the office in the rear. When she entered the office, David looked up from the pile of papers he was sorting through.

“Hey, baby!” David shouted excitedly as he rushed around the edge of the table and grabbed SueAnn around her waist. SueAnn wrapped her arms around him and hurriedly asked, “Is anybody else here?”


“Fuck it, then…kiss me!” And with that, SueAnn thrust her mouth against his and began to force her tongue into his mouth as far as it would reach. David responded with his own tongue darting into the young girl’s mouth, seeking out her tonsils! SueAnn felt his hands as he pawed at her ample tits through her t-shirt, and she responded by rubbing at his cock through his jeans. “I want to fuck you so bad, David!” was all SueAnn could muster out through breaths as they furiously tongue-kissed gebze escort while their hands reached under their clothing, David squeezing her fleshy tits as SueAnn thrust her own hand into his pants and began to play with his dick.

“Mmmmm, baby, I’m gonna fuck you all night long! Feel how hard my fucking cock is getting!”

“Shit, dude” SueAnn muttered as she felt his organ stiffening within her grasping, squeezing little fist, “you ought to feel my pussy! It’s fucking dripping! I need to fuck so bad, baby!”

For several minutes they kissed, groped, and teased each other…if there had been a way to lock the barn, they would have ripped their clothes off and mated with each other right on the barn floor! But it was David who finally reached down and stopped SueAnn from masturbating him right inside his pants. “Mmmm,” she purred as she pulled her fist out of his jeans, and raised her hand to her mouth. She sniffed the pre-cum that coated her fingers, and instantly felt a wave of excitement flood her already sopping cunt with more juice. “God, David, please tell me you’re gonna fuck me and eat me all night long!”

“Oh, yes, Susie-Q” he answered, and they gathered up their things and strolled out of the barn with their arms around each other, and their hormones raging through their bodies in anticipation of a night of pure sexual pleasure!


After dinner, David rushed back to his apartment off of the main building. He took a long shower in anticipation of a night of hardcore sex with this juicy, nubile little 19-year old piece of ass. SueAnn did the same, literally scrubbing herself squeaky clean all over, especially her asshole. She knew that at some point tonight, David would pleasure her anally, and she couldn’t wait! SueAnn was very anal erotic, and the thought of David’s cock and tongue in her asshole made her so hot that she found herself rubbing her clit in the shower as she scrubbed her shithole clean. She had to be careful not to make herself cum!

When she entered his apartment, she knew exactly where he would be. She walked through the living area and into the bedroom, and there she found her man lying on the bed naked, smelling all freshly showered and cologned, and stroking his raging hard on! “Whoa, dude” SueAnn said as she began to peel off her clothes…”that is fucking nice!” staring right at the throbbing cock that David was gently masturbating.

As SueAnn stripped out of her clothes…pulling her shirt off to let her large, farmgirl tits plop free and peeling off her jeans to reveal her hard, firm thighs and her neatly shaven cuntal area with her raging pink vagina just glistening with her own excitement…. David moaned softly, “oh, shit…I’m gonna eat that hot cunt until you scream!”

“Oh yeah?” she replied as she crawled onto the bed, each of them now smelling the other’s scent of both freshly bathed cleanliness and musky excitement…”Eat my fucking cunt, David!” as she pushed him flat on his back, and positioned herself right onto his face…”eat my, baby!”

David needed no invitation. As SueAnn thrust her pelvis onto his face, he forced his tongue up into her cuntal channel and began to eat her. SueAnn’s cunt was so dripping wet already that David immediately found himself with a face full of cunt juice.

The acrid, musky scent of the teenage girl’s pent-up passion was intoxicating! SueAnn was lost in pleasure as David slurped at her cunt lips and licked at her swollen clit, but she could hear him moaning in pure pleasure at the taste of her excited cunt! SueAnn began to play with her own tits göztepe escort as he ate her, but the pleasure of his tongue inside of her vagina was too much! SueAnn wanted to suck his dick!

“Uhhhh, baby” she moaned, “I want to pleasure you, too…let me turn around”

“Mmmpph” was all that David could muster as he tried to keep his face planted against SueAnn’s pussy while she positioned herself into 69. Hungrily sucking at her festering, dripping hole as the scent of cuntal excitement filled his head, David’s carnal pleasure was already so intense that he barely registered the sensation of pleasure on his cock as SueAnn began to blow him.

With SueAnn now kneeling over him, her ass in his face as she hungrily licked and slurped his rigid cock while gently jerking him off, David spread her asscheeks apart. SueAnn felt it. “Mmmm, baby” she moaned sluttily, taking her mouth off of his dick and looking back at him over her shoulder, “what are you looking at?”

“Your beautiful little puckered asshole, Susie!” David spread the hot little nympho’s ass cheeks further apart, and was staring at her gaping brown anus! Knowing how excited this was making her fuckmate, SueAnn began to clench her bowels so that he could look at her sphincter tighten up closely and then relax into an open, cock-inviting hole. David began to lick at her little brown anal ring, and SueAnn immediately let herself go flaccid. She pushed her wide open asshole into David’s face!

“Tongue my asshole, baby! Lick my asshole!” SueAnn pushed her rear quarters back onto his face, forcing her buttocks right onto his mouth. She was immediately rewarded with the sensation of David’s tongue hungrily snaking past her sphincter and into her rectum. “Uggggghhh” she moaned, “eat my fucking asshole, baby! Jesus, that feels so fucking good! Eat my asshole!”

“Oh, fuck, SueAnn, your asshole tastes so good!” David was frantically licking out her asshole, and SueAnn responded to her own excitement by taking her hand off of David’s dick and began rubbing her clit. As she sucked him off, she felt her own orgasm beginning to build.

The taste and smell of SueAnn’s asshole, coupled with her frantic rubbing of her clit which was releasing waves of female excitement juice with it’s own musky scent all over his face, was forcing a load of semen to build up in David’s balls which would soon just have to spurt out. As SueAnn ground her ass against his face, feeling his tongue pleasuring her sensitive anal ring and literally trying to eat the shit out of her, she also felt

the impending need to cum and release her passion.

“David, baby…you’re gonna make me cum!”

“Mmmmpph” was all that he could muster as he greedily continued to tongue her musky, steamy asshole. The taste and smell of her excited teenage anus was driving him wild! David was ready to cum!

SueAnn was fingering her cunt harder now, as the sensations of erotic pleasure with which David’s tongue was assaulting her asshole as he hungrily licked her little brown shitter were becoming overbearing…SueAnn wanted to cum!

“Uggghhh, David baby,” she moaned…”tell me you’re ready to cum! I need to cum!”

“Oh God, Susie, let’s cum!” Although both of them were lost in the passionate carnal pleasure that was about to culminate in orgasm, they each knew that this would be only the first of many orgasms throughout the night.

SueAnn pulled her hand off of her clit and began to jerk David’s cock again. “Do you have a nice load for me, dude?”

“Oh, yes, baby” David could barely pull his mouth off of the dripping, haramidere escort musky scented asshole and cunt of his young lover to respond. “I’m gonna jizz all over your face, Susie!”

With that, SueAnn ground her ass against his face again, feeling his tongue just slurping up inside her anus like a snake in search of nectar! “Will you eat my asshole until you cum on my face?” It was a standard line, because it was always how they had their first cum of the evening every time they spent a night together…but it still excited them both to talk about it!

“Oh God, SueAnn…let me lick your asshole until I cum!”

“”Baby, I’m gonna cum! Tell me you want to shoot your jizz all over my face while you eat my asshole!”

As their hands began to grope and grab at each other… SueAnn’s floppy fat tits and David’s doughy bloated balls, tongue-fucking her asshole as she slobbered all over his rock hard penis filled with jizm… they both knew that they could release their cums because they each knew that there were several more orgasms left in them for the rest of the night! They were gonna fuck all night long, but they needed to cum now!

“Ahhh,” SueAnn began tugging on David’s cock forcefully..”Eat my asshole, make me cum, baby! Eat my asshole and cum all over my face!”

David responded by licking at SueAnn’s little shithole with even more vigor, while forcing his cock into her tight, pumping fist until the friction of her soft young hand against his throbbing penis was too much to bear.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” David moaned as he furiously tongue-fucked her randy poophole, lapping at the puckered hole which he knew he was going to stick his cock into later!

“Aggghhhh…I’m cumming baby!” responded SueAnn , as their orgasms collided in a mess of bodily fluids! David felt SueAnn’s cuntal contractions as her sphincter closed in on his tongue repeatedly, and he immediately tasted her pleasure as her climax juices gushed out of her vagina and smeared his chin with cum even as he continued to slurp at her asshole.

SueAnn’s own orgasm was intensified as she felt David grunt, squirm, and thrust his groin up against her face. Holding his throbbing penis against her chin, SueAnn felt the first of three cum spasms launch a load of seed all over her cheek. She immediately pulled his dick away from her face, and his cock spurted out two more copious jizz shots, one which splattered all over her forehead and the second messy cumshot splurted in a gooey string all over her right boob. As they continued to pleasure each other in the throes of orgasm, David didn’t even notice as SueAnn farted involuntarily onto his asshole-probing tongue nor did SueAnn feel the semen splat which shot right up her right nostril. The orgasms were fucking incredible!

As they began to wind down from their mutual pleasures, they shifted positions so that they were face to face. David could see the messy proof of his pleasure all over SueAnn’s teenage face, while SueAnn felt nothing but her own gooey juices making a sticky mess between her asshole and cunt and David’s baby batter splattered in gooey globs all over her face and tits and the smell of jizm filling her brain as she inhaled the big glob of sperm which plugged her nostril.

“Mmmm, baby…that was awesome!”

“I know, dude,” SueAnn replied…”you are gonna fuck my brains once we rest up, right?”

“Can I fuck you up the ass?”

SueAnn grabbed David’s face and pulled him towards her, kissing him passionately. “Eat your cum off of my face and tits, baby, and you can fuck my asshole all night long!”

With the overwhelming smell of sexual gratification and bodily fluids permeating the room, David began to lick his own jism off of SueAnn’s flesh. As he kneaded her plump 19-year old boobs awhile he lapped up his own mess of jizm off of her face and tit, SueAnn reached down and began to fondle his still semi-hard, jizz gooey dick. They both knew that more orgasms were just a brief respite away!

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