Summer Distraction Pt. 02


The kiss was hot and demanding. It was rough and needy and took my breath away. I can still feel him biting my bottom lip. I can still taste him and feel the occasional scrape of his stubble and goatee against my chin.

I don’t remember who ended the kiss, but when it did end he rested his forehead against mine and said, “I want you…NOW” I had no verbal response to that. I just looked up at him with my half-lidded eyes and bit my lip.

James grabbed my hand and we walked away from the lounge. We crossed two busy streets and turned the corner by some park and then before I could even make sense of what was happening, he pushed me back against a white van. I knew I saw people walking along this street from time to time but he didn’t care. His lips were on my neck and his hands were palming my ass again. My head started spinning. I leaned my head back and felt him pull my tshirt up, and before I could say anything he pushed my bra up and started sucking my breasts. He sucked them hard and bit my nipples. I moaned loud. I got lost in the pleasure and didn’t realize he was sliding my leggings down until I felt the cool air on my thighs. He let go of my breasts and got down on his knees, kissing his way down my belly.

“Not here papi…please” I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away. He looked up at me with those dark intense eyes and pushed my thighs apart, holding them in place.

“Oh god you’re soaked baby…all for me…mmmm…” he said and licked the outside of my panties eliciting a gasp-turn-moan from me. That moan became even louder when he slid his tongue under the üsküdar escort fabric and right in between my puffy lips.

“Stop, please… people are gonna see” I whispered but spread my thighs wider for him.

“You taste so good. I want you to cum in my mouth” He let go of one of my thighs and slid my panties to the side. My mouth was open in a silent scream as he assaulted my hypersensitive pussy with his tongue. It didn’t take long for me to cum. He was relentless, and when he felt my thighs start to shake he plunged two thick long fingers inside me. My knees almost gave out. It was one of the strongest orgasms that I’ve ever had.

“Good girl” he said and gave my slit another lick, his fingers still inside. He waited until the spasms stopped and he withdrew his fingers. They were covered with my juices and I watched as he put them in his mouth and sucked them clean.

James stood up and kissed me again, letting me taste myself. I sucked on his bottom lip hungrily. At this point I didn’t care if we fucked in front of a crowd, so when he roughly turned me around I couldn’t wait. I reached back and stroked him through his jeans. His dick was rock hard and felt very thick and long. He would destroy me. He began to unbuckle his belt and then pulled the zipper down

“That tight juicy pussy is gonna be mine…fuck your man” He said. But before we could take this any further we were interrupted.

“Katya!” I heard Jenny calling me. Talk about bad timing…

I heard her around the corner with the guys. I must have been gone for şerfali escort longer than I thought.

“Shit!” I pushed James away and quickly pulled my panties and leggings up. I did my best to smooth my hair but I could not hide the black smudges from the dirty van all over my white shirt. I’m sure they would put two and two together.

James was way more composed than I.

“You good?” he asked with a smirk and held my hand as we walked towards my friends.

“My legs feel weak ” I told him.

“So after I fuck you, you won’t be able to walk at all, mami”

“I that so?” I challenged.

“Oh yes” he replied and pinched my butt cheek.

“Ay!” I squeaked.

When we approached Jenny and the guys I saw a few raised eyebrows and knowing grins. I quickly introduced James and we started walking back towards the lounge. It was almost 4 am. Time to go.

“I’ll be back” James said and ran ahead of us. Jenny pulled my arm and stopped me.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK. Katya…you look like you’ve been fucking in the dirt”

“Girl I swear I did not fuck him. I just let him eat me. But if you guys didn’t come looking for me I probably would’ve. God knows I wanted to”

“You little whore…he’s so tall and sexy though. I don’t blame you.” She said. “Are you going to see him again?”

“I hope so”

We said our goodbyes to the boys and started walking to the car. I tried to find James in the crowd of people exiting the lounge but I couldn’t see him anywhere. He didn’t even have my number.

The 3 block walk seemed like a marathon and I was so relieved when we reached my Accord. I couldn’t wait to get in my bed, and I still had to drop Jenny off. Thankfully she didn’t live too far.

I was buckling my seat belt when I heard a motorcycle coming down the street.

“Oh shit Katya, look” Jenny said motioning to look right. There was my sexy stud on his bike. He took his helmet off.

I opened the door and ran walked over to him.

“Thought I was gonna leave without your number and a goodnight kiss?” he asked.

“Maybe…” I replied.

“No baby…I am DEFINITELY seeing you again. We have some unfinished business. Let me get your phone” I handed him my cell and watched him punch in some numbers and press the call button. That way I had his and he had mine. And then he got off the motorcycle and pushed me against my car, my butt against the passenger side window for Jenny’s viewing pleasure, and kissed me hard. I moaned into his mouth.

He pulled away when I wasn’t ready, leaving me with my eyes closed and my lips parted.

“Bye thickness…see you soon” and then off he went revving the engine and speeding down the street.

I stood there for a second too long because I felt the windshield behind my ass rolling down.

“Girl get your big booty back into the car. I want to go home. ” Jenny was right. It was definitely time to go.

An hour later I was parking in front of my empty apartment. My boyfriend wouldn’t be back for another 6 days. I wasn’t a fan of sleeping alone but tonight I knew I would sleep like a rock. Fumbling with my key I heard my phone “ding”, the sound of text message. I ignored it until I was upstairs in my bed.

It was from James.

“Wish you were here” it read. He also sent a photo. It was a selfie of him lying in bed.

There was a second photo; a closeup of him gripping his thick dick through his boxers.

Oh Lord…

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