Taken to Lunch at Work Pt. 03


Will I ever be full? How much sausage can a man eat?

This is erotic fiction of the sensual kind. Pure escapism for your entertainment. Not part of my experience. Just fantasy. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy.

I really wanted to fit in at my new job but when Dave and I arrived back at the office after lunch I slumped down at my desk, exhausted. I needed a sleep not a meeting to review my performance, and that’s what the message, blinking at me on my computer screen, reminded me was due this afternoon.


It was timetabled for 4pm, with human resources personnel. Just routine, it said. No concerns at this stage. Just management checking on my sorry arse.

Well as far as I knew I was squeaky clean – so far. I knew Dave would give me a positive word, and so would Mr Michael’s, the executive boss on the top floor. After all the arse licking I’d given he’d better!

I busied myself as best I could until four o’clock came round and then headed to the lift for a trip up to the third floor and my meeting with Human Resources. My appointment was with a Paul Samuels ; a name I didn’t recognise from my initial briefing on the day I started. Still, he wasn’t anyone to fear. Just a normal guy doing a normal job, right?

I stepped out of the lift for the second time that day and approached the receptionist’s desk somewhat hesitantly. What if Mr Samuels had heard of my exploits already and I was up for a bollocking? Fuck. Not a lot I could do at this stage. Better suck it and see.

“Hello, Can I help you?” said a striking black girl with a broad grin and a nose piercing. Well she seemed harmless enough, apart from the unusually deep voice. Somehow that didn’t go with her cute look and winning smile. And those lovely eyes and long lashes. Great cheek bones too and pouty, full red lips.

Was I going bi? Careful Andy. That defo wasn’t my scene.

“Yes, I’m here to see Mr Samuels. A routine performance review, I think,” and I gave her my most confident smile.

“Oh yes. Paul said he was expecting a “newbie” at four. If you can just sign in and take a seat I’ll let him know you’re here.” That sexy look and deep, deep voice again. And she was certainly giving me the look. You know, that come on I fancy you look. Mm.

I Iogged in and sat in one of the comfortable looking but firm and upright arm chairs in an alcove adjacent to the reception desk. There were some magazines on the table and I picked one up and started to browse. I was surprised to see it was “Gay times”. Interesting.

“He won’t keep you waiting long,” came the cheery, deep, sexy voice from behind the desk.

“Running a bit late today. A lunch meeting ran over I think.” She tapped the desk with her long painted finger nails as she spoke and I noticed the middle one was cut and filed short. Now why did that attract my attention?

Her comments made me remember my own lunch-time antics and I felt my cock harden as I thought of David’s treat and the surprise toilet encounter with the waiter and chef. I wondered if Paul knew of the restaurant round the corner. Perhaps he was a regular visitor himself. Mmm, I might bump into him there in the future.

The thought of a mouth full of stiff cock and pounding a nice firm bum was not helping me in the trouser area and I crossed my legs to hide the obvious effect my thoughts were having. At that moment the intercom buzzed and the sexy receptionist answered it.

She had a brief conversation, most of which I couldn’t help but hear, and then turned to me with a smile and said, “you can go in now. Paul is ready for you. Oh and just so you know, Mr Michael’s is sitting in on your meeting. It seems he wants to get to know some employees a little better.” With that she raised her eyebrows and smiled again. Standing and smoothing down her tight short skirt, she smiled again and I felt myself harden. Then she walked over to the door, swaying those great hips and looking at me with those hot eyes, firm tits and gorgeous legs. She knocked and opened it, holding it open for me. What a great arse! So firm and muscled. Hang on, no panty line, and was that the outline of a suspender belt? Hey, guess she was a tease and a “goer” in the real world. Fuck, if I was bi I’d certainly go for her. Just her skin colour, Maltepe Escort so dark and sexy, and those red glossed lips and that tempting tongue flicking over them. Mm Mm. Concentrate Andy, concentrate!

I stepped past her, getting a whif of musky, spicy scent. Quite masculine! I found myself on the inside of a tidy and nicely decorated large office. An imposing desk was positioned in the centre and rising from a chair was an attractive forty something fit man in a figure hugging dark blue suit with his hand held out in welcome. He had bushy, untamed dark blond hair and a wild stubbly, curly beard. And it was ginger.

Fuck! Didn’t everyone know I was a sucker for ginger.

“Hello there. You must be Andrew. Welcome. I’m Paul Samuels. Please call me Paul.” I was immediately taken by his blue eyes and firm handshake and he used his free hand to hold my elbow and guide me towards an empty chair next to his own. He was still holding my hand and my elbow as he encouraged me to sit.

“Please, make yourself comfortable. We don’t have long so better crack on,” he seemed to purr in a deep, sexy tone.

“Did Sammy make you comfortable in reception? Not been here long but very willing and eager to please. Tries hard to give everyone what they want,” and he gave me a knowing wink and eyebrow raise.

“Now have you met Mr Michaels yet? He wants to sit in on a few of these early personnel reviews. Get to know the new boys better! Seems like a good idea. Any objections?” and with that he took the seat next to me. not the one he had been previously occupying but nearer and more intimately positioned. I expected him to push away to create more of a social distance but he didn’t. Instead he pulled closer to me so our knees were nearly touching.

I had no objections to getting up close and personal. Paul was a hunk. Mm Mm. I’d happily work under him. Wonder if I can get a transfer to his department?

“He’s running a little late so he’ll join us soon. In the meantime some preliminaries. Get the balls rolling. Don’t want to get you muddled with anyone else.”

Balls? Did he say balls? Fuck. I’d love to have him rolling my balls. Oops, getting stiff. Stop it, Andy. STOP IT!

“Yes, well, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have,” I responded as I quickly crossed my legs.

“No, no. This is much more informal. Just a chat between colleagues. No formal questions.”

Then he did it. He placed his large, strong hand deliberately and firmly on my knee and gave it a squeeze. Oh God!

Was this just a friendly gesture or more? To me it seemed much more. I found myself enjoying the sensation as he rubbed up and down my thigh, while looking intently into my eyes. Fuck what lovely lashes. What deep blue eyes, and such a sexy smile. And that ginger facial stubble completed a totally adorable picture of fit, controlling masculinity.

If I uncrossed my legs now would he remove his hand? Would he see my boner and react? Would he be offended? Pleased?

I didn’t need to worry long because he immediately removed his hand and stood up. Oh shame. I had been enjoying his firm touch.

He walked round behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders.

He leaned in closer and I could smell more of his cologne. Spicy! So what was coming now? Could I feel a hard lump, his hard lump, rubbing up and down my arm. That felt like more than his leg. Could it be? Surely he wasn’t coming on to me. Perhaps it was some kind of test. Did I need to push him away to pass, or cradle him closer?

“Now why don’t you relax and tell me about your first week with the company. Any interesting events you couldn’t handle? Anything you’re worried about?” and he slowly massaged my shoulders and pushed up against me as he whispered in my ear.

“We don’t want our new boys to be worried by anything so just relax and tell me everything.”

“We… well, I’ve met Mr Michaels once, though he might not recognise me. He was a bit preoccupied at the time. Besides, he must meet a lot of new employees, in different situations and positions…”

But I remembered our encounter very clearly; my tongue and then cock firmly in his bum over the board room table. I was getting harder as Paul rubbed my arms now, up to my neck Tuzla Escort and down to my elbows. His delicious scent was adding to the glorious feeling running through my body.

“You know we have security cameras in all offices, right. There isn’t much we don’t get to see… eventually. I just got delivery of the latest from this morning. Mainly executive offices. “

Then he gripped my shoulders tightly and leaned in closer. “Wanna see what’s going on now?”

He spun round a large lap top screen already lit up and registering visuals but no sound. Oh my god. What was he gonna show me?

“Look, this is the security cam in the lift. Nothing much happening in there now,” and he zoomed in on one of six smaller screen views.

“This is outside at reception. Do you like the look of Sammy? I think he’s really hot.”

Did he say he? He?

There was just a young hunk standing tall and fit and… what was he doing with his hand? As the camera panned in we could see his fingers pull down his zipper and fiddle inside. He looked past the security camera towards someone else and licked his lips and smiled and then pulled out an absolute whopper of a cock. That must be the He Paul was referring to. Right?

“Fuck me,” I gasped as its very impressive girth and length came fully into view.

Paul clenched my shoulders tightly. “Well that can certainly be arranged,” he murmered,” but I was rather hoping you’d do the honours this time. Your reputation has preceded you somewhat.”

Then he leaned over me, opened his lips and allowed me to invade his mouth with my tongue.

Oh yes. Heaven. He nipped and bit gently at my lips and mouth as I searched for the tender sweetness of his touch. I was in heaven and out of the corner of my eye I caught the screen show a full length shot of the hunk as he dropped his trousers and opened his shirt. I felt Paul tighten his grip on my arms and lean in again.

“Fuck Andy. Don’t you get turned on by that? What a hunk. What a body and cock. Look at his bum.”

And I did, with mounting lust as the unknown man turned his back on the camera and dropped his trousers to the floor. As he stepped out of his pants another figure came into shot. It was a woman. I gasped as I recognised the black receptionist from out in the corridor. She was moving sensuously towards the man and rubbing her firm, smooth body up and down his legs and his thighs and then his bum. She moved provocatively as she lifted her skirt higher and higher and the unknown guy turned his back to her and allowed her to rub her crotch up and down his muscled, firm cheeks. What on earth was going on? Weren’t they the wrong way round? Shouldn’t he be forcing himself on her?

Then it all became clear and I smirked as I felt Paul’s excited hand drop to my cock and fondle my crutch through my trousers. I saw the receptionist lift her skirt higher still and, with legs firm and stiff, expose her smooth crotch. Her smooth male crotch, and I gasped at the stiff, hard, hairless ten inch cock that stood large and proud between her legs, shaved balls dangling beneath the stiff erect very much male member. What a whopper!

“She” was a tranny, and fucking gorgeous at that. She moved with determination and focus using her red, polish covered finger nails to caress, scratch and excite the legs, bum and nipples of the male she was paired with for our amusement. One clipped and manicured finger pushed into his muscled bum while she nipped and squeezed, pinched and pulled at his firm, hard nipples with the other hand. And he was loving it, moaning and gasping as he was being dry humped by the big, stiff cock of his partner.

Paul was certainly enjoying the show too and I could feel his tongue exploring my body, his hands groping my cock which I had pulled from the confines of my sexy male briefs, and his bum pushing against me as I humped his leg. He had a firm, long slender fingered hand inside my shirt and was working my chest and nipples as though he wanted to pull them off. Oh that hurt, so gorgeously and sensuously. Mm mm! Then I felt a finger explore my hole.

“Well?” he moaned as he leaned closer. “Want me to bring them in?”

I couldn’t resist the fierce open mouthed kiss and groped Paul’s fit body as I Anadolu Yakası Escort wrestled him to the carpet. On the way down we both slipped out of our jackets and shoes and Paul had almost lost his tight fitting suit pants along with his shirt before we hit the floor. I was hot and hard with lust for this gorgeous man who was running his hands and tongue all over my body.

“Mmmm, Andy. I want to feel you inside me. Come on stud. I want you now. Don’t make me wait. Please, take me. Fill me with that stiff cock of yours. Please!”

Well it would be rude for a guy to say no, right? What’s a man to do, especially to an H R employee. Wrong to refuse of course. Even though I didn’t know the guy and had my mouth full at the moment. I had to try and say something, right?

My immediate answer would have been something like, “Anything to oblige,” but as I said I had my mouth full (that cock did taste sweet) so as a man of action I did what was necessary, pushed Paul around so his hard muscled bum was directly under my thighs and spat in my hand.

“Fuck me. Oh yes, shaft me with your hard cock,” moaned Paul as he raised his fit bum cheeks and pushed back firmly against me.

“I want to feel all of your length deep inside my hole. Oh please, yes. Give it to me. Now!”

I palmed his bum and used the saliva on my fingers to grope inside him. Mm, what a welcoming pussy! He felt warm and tight but had obviously lubed up previously in readiness for our “appointment” and I felt two fingers slip easily inside his ring. His man cunt opened for me and the more i groped and pushed the further I felt inside him. Now three fingers were in to the hilt and Paul was bucking and moaning, getting louder and louder with his pleas for a hard, long fuck.

“Oh man, you gotta fuck me. Fill me with your hot cum. Come on dude. I need your cock man.”

To stop the noise a little I leaned round and fastened my lips on his and pushed my tongue inside that gaping, hungry mouth. Fuck, it was like being swallowed by a whirlpool, a vortex of lust and craving. I thought he was trying to swallow me whole. What a kiss! I finally pulled up for air.

“Ok Paul. Hang on man cos I can’t wait any longer. I’m going in.”

With that I pulled out my lubed fingers and Paul moaned at the gaping emptiness I had created.

“Yes, oh yes,” he whimpered. “Now, do me now.”

I pushed my stiff cock at his gaping pucker and slid in right to the pubes in one smooth movement that took both our breaths away. We moaned and panted together as Paul pushed back to try and capture every inch of my pretty formidable length and trap me deep inside his tight hot, man cunt.

“Oooohhhh yyeeessss.” was all he said as the air was pushed from his body in a loud exhale. Then as I plunged in again he moaned louder. “OOOHHHHH FUCKKK YEEESSSS.”

I wrapped my strong arms around him and plunged deep into that firm arse over and over again.

“Uggh, ughhh, ugghhh,” were the noises that accompanied our rutting as we humped and fucked and lifted off the carpet as Paul raised up onto his knees and pushed back.

I bit the back of his neck and pulled his hair hard as he moaned.

“Ohh yes, Andy. Fuck me hard. Ow, fuck. Don’t stop.” he begged as I pulled back and plunged deep inside his bum, over and over again. I reached round and pulled and pinched at his nipples, enjoying the squirming, gasping and wriggling as he responded to my hard, rough groping. I knew he didn’t mean it when he called out to me to be gentle, to stop, please, stop, as he bucked and fought my urgent thrusts under the muscular, hard body that pinned him to the floor. I could tell he was loving every minute of being taken, being used, of giving himself totally to me. And I was loving it too.

My fucking speed steadily increased until the pounding and the friction combined were driving him insane and the repeated rubbing on the inside of his man hole was driving him over the edge. I felt him go stiff and clench as he reached his climax and that was enough to take me over the edge too. We collapsed together on top of each other, in a hot sweaty heap just as there was a hard knock at the door. A face I recognised as Mr Michaels’ peered round.

“Sorry I’m late. Have you started without me?” We burst into hysterical laughter as Mr Michaels hobbled in with his shirt open and trousers around his ankles.

“That lovely receptionist of yours was just explaining the difference between transgender and transsexual. I’m still a little confused but she said she’d run through it again any time I wanted.”

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