The Absentee Tenant


Tom swore loudly as he watched, from his vantage point of the staircase window of his block of bedsit flats, the youth running down the path towards the back gate. The youth turned round to look up at him as he opened the gate. Tom clenched his fist and shook it at him. “Fucking students!” He swore. Sometimes they could be more trouble than they were worth. Most left their bedsits in a mess when they finished their courses and there were always the late rent payers. The one that had just escaped his clutches owed him five months rent. He was tired of his excuses about grant payment delays. He walked back down the stairs to the bedsit and noticed that door was ajar. He pushed it open and peered inside, ‘At least it is tidy,’ he thought. It crossed his mind to ring the office and get a couple of the lads round; change the locks and throw his belongings out onto the street. He was sorely tempted to reach for his mobile phone but he realised that doing this would be illegal and he could get prosecuted. He pushed the door open wider. There was a creak from the hinges and then suddenly a voice call out, “Jason.” It was a female voice, “Jason is that you?” It was coming from the bedroom. He took the few steps towards the door which was also ajar, “Hello,” he called out as he pushed the door open wider. There was a scream, “Who are you?” the voice said. Tom looked in disbelief. There was a bed. There was a girl. There was a scene that puzzled him. Sat up on the bed was a girl; she looked about eighteen or nineteen. She was fully clothed but he couldn’t understand why she was sat up against the headboard with her arms stretched out. It puzzled him for a moment and then he suddenly realised that her arms were stretched out because her wrists were tied to the headboard. “Who are you?” She asked him. Tom stood open mouthed looking at her. He was still trying to figure out why she was tied to the bed like that. The girl asked again. Suddenly it dawned on him that they must have been playing some kind of sex game. Tom had been round the block a few times as far as sex was concerned and had dabbled in a bit of bondage over the years but this Şişli escort came as a shock to him. “I…I am the landlord,” he told her. “Who are you?” “I am Jason’s girlfriend. What do you want?” Tom had regained his composure now. “Well, five months rent for one thing!” He told her. She said nothing in response as he moved to the bed. “You’re Billy Allington’s daughter aren’t you?” he said. “Your dad does a lot of building work for me. I’ve seen you when I have called by at his house.” The expression on her face told him that she now recognised him. Tom sat down on the edge of the bed and glanced at her more closely. She was pretty, very pretty with long dark brown hair. She wore a red top with no sleeves that accentuated her ample breasts and she also wore a red skirt. It was wide hemmed and came midway down her thighs. She wore no tights but was wearing boots and black socks. He could never understand the dress code of today’s youth. His mind began to wander. “Perhaps I should give him a call and get him round here to free you?” He said. “Please don’t,” she said quietly. He wouldn’t, he knew that. He had a daughter the same age. God forbid that he should discover that she was doing this sort of thing. He did wonder though; wonder what girls of this age were into. He knew that they were more open about sex at this age and had a different set of morals compared to his generation. He glanced down at her legs again. They were shapely. He looked at her thighs and though tightly closed the shortness of her skirt was inviting. There were only a few inches covering her modesty. It wouldn’t take much to reach out and push the hem back just those few inches. It wouldn’t take much to reach out and lift up the hem. It had been a long time since he had seen under an eighteen year old girl’s skirt, a long, long time. That girl had gone on to be his wife, his now late wife. He held his hands firmly at his side. Once again, putting such thoughts into action could lead to prosecution. Tom resisted the temptation. “What exactly were you doing?” He asked her. It was a stupid question, he knew, as well as being Sultangazi escort bayan one that was none of his business. “We…we,” she started to say. “It’s okay,” he interrupted. “None of my business.” “I…I will pay Jason’s rent,” she said. “I could give you a cheque right now.” “You will do no such thing!” Tom said adamantly. “A word of advice luv, don’t pay boyfriends bills or lend them money. If he can’t pay his rent when he’s single he won’t pay it when he’s married and got a family. His sort are a waste of space. Get out now while you can.” She smiled, “I wasn’t planning on marrying him,” she replied. “Anyway I can’t get out, I’m tied up remember.” It was his turn to smile now. He stood up and reached for the rope that was tying one of her wrists. “Another word of advice,” he told her. “If you are going to indulge in this kind of play make sure that you know guy well. You are leaving yourself very vulnerable.” She looked up at him as he tugged at the knot. “That’s the whole idea isn’t it?” She said. He stopped for a moment, surprised with her response, “Why are you sitting up anyway? He asked her. “I think you are supposed to be lying down, aren’t you?” She smiled at him, “That depends on what the man is going to make you do?” Tom stopped again. He suddenly realised why she was sat up. He had to sit down again, the realisation stirring his cock. She looked at him. There was a half smile on her face, a smirk almost. He looked back at her wondering what was going through her mind. He knew what was going through his. He glanced down at her thighs again. She was giving him an erection. “You won’t will you?” She said breaking his concentration. “Won’t what?” He replied dryly. “Lift up my skirt.” Tom swallowed hard. “W…what would you do if I did?” He stammered. “Not much I can do is there,” she replied. “You could shout out,” he told her, “get me arrested.” “It would just be my word against yours.” She told him. He just sat there in silence looking down at her thighs. He was starting to get to know every contour and every blemish. He was starting to get very hard. Escort Taksim “You will be a gentleman, won’t you?” She said breaking the silence. He smiled, “I ain’t no gentleman luv,” he responded. “If I was twenty years younger you would be naked by now and I would be doing…well, let’s just say unspeakable things to you.” She looked up at him. There was that smile again. He didn’t know what to do. He was so long out of practice. Twenty years ago a smile like that would have had him into her knickers by now. There would be no holding him back from giving her a good shagging. “What unspeakable things would those be?” She asked. Tom stood up, disregarding the fact that he had a huge erection bulging out of the front of his trousers and reached for the knot again. It was just starting to loosen when she spoke, “This was supposed to be my first time.” She told him. Tom stopped. “First time what? Sex?” She laughed, “No, silly,” she said, “first time bondage.” Tom looked down at her. “Jason said that he had done it before and…” She confided. “I’m sure that he will be back once he sees my car has gone.” “I won’t bother now, not with him, anyway,” she replied. “I think he’s all talk.” There was that look on her face again. She glanced down at his bulge and then looked up at him. He was finding it difficult now. ‘Did she want him or was she just teasing?’ He wondered to himself. She turned her attention to his hands at the knot at the same time shifting he legs slightly. They were no longer closed tightly together. “Who else have you in mind then?” He asked. It was a direct question and one that would put her on the spot. She glanced up and looked him in the eye again. “Someone who knows what they are doing,” she answered. “Someone who knows how to take advantage of a poor defenceless girl.” That was it. He began to tighten the rope. “You’re re-tying my bonds,” she said. “I thought you were a gentleman.” “I’m no gentleman luv,” he replied, “told you that already. I’m just a middle aged man who hasn’t had sex in a long time.” He added as he sat back down. The smile on her face was gone now. It had been replaced with a serious look now. Tom reached and laid his hand on her knee. He looked at her waiting to see what reaction it would bring but all she did was stare down at his hand resting there. He moved his hand slightly and she responded by closing her legs tightly. “I am going to take your knickers off, “he told her.

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