The Prize


The Prize“Tonight, I thought I’d spice things up from our usual poker game.” Duncan announced to his friends. “We will play poker not for money, but for the opportunity of the lucky winner to spend the night with my beautiful wife, Cheryl!” As he said her name Duncan pulled back the curtain concealing his wife. Everyone’s gazed focused on her. Cheryl was standing in one corner of the room. Her wrists were bound and tied to a rope through a hook in the ceiling. She had to stand almost tippy-toed to relieve the pressure on her wrists and shoulders. She was wearing a light cotton top and matching skirt. Visible to everyone was her lacy red bra and panty set underneath. A matching red ball-gag kept her quiet. Cheryl helplessly looked out at her assembled friends. There was Tim, an old friend of Cheryl’s and the man that introduced her to Duncan fours years ago. She knew Tim had always wanted a night with her. Jerry was an old friend of Duncan’s, and then there was Mike. He was Duncan’s oldest friend and a vulgar, grotesque man. He liked making crude comments to Cheryl at every opportunity and Cheryl despised his presence. The two women present was Alison, Tim’s wife, and Rachel. Rachel was the best looking middle-aged woman that Cheryl had ever known. Raven red hair and full lips, tits, and ass. But the most amazing thing about her was her piercing green eyes. Cheryl had met Rachel when she starting working at the insurance company. Rachel took a liking to the new girl. Rumor had it, Cheryl was told by others, was that Rachel was a full blown lesbian. She never said one way or the other about it and Cheryl never asked. She had invited Rachel to the Friday night poker game six months ago and was now a regular fixture at the game. “This is how the game is played.” Duncan started. “The game is No Limit Seven Card Stud. The buy in is $50. The winner of each hand will get türbanlı aksaray escort to make one cut of Cheryl’s clothes with these.” He displayed an 8” set of shears to the group. “Be careful! These are very sharp. Once her clothes are gone, the game will continue until one person wins. And that person gets Cheryl tonight.” he paused for effect.Mike, of course, was the first to speak. “So let me get this straight. I win tonight, I get to take your wife home and fuck the shit out of her? Anyway I want?”“Yep. That’s the game.”“Well fuck ya I’m in!” Mike said confidently as he slapped $50 on the table. Out of the group, he had won the most. “So…..is Cheryl being punished or something?” Alison’s meek voice asked.“Yes.’ Duncan confirmed. “Cheryl has a problem with shopping. Today she spent over $800 on clothes using a maxed out credit card. The overdraft fees total about $250, which is what your buy in totals. I will not put $50 in since I’m putting in my beautiful wife. The winner will get her, I get the cash. Clear?”Rachel stared at her beautiful friend. Her prize. She hated poker, but was good at it. Now she was motivated. “I’m in.” she declared.Tim laid down $100 for himself and Alison and Jerry followed suit. “Good. Let’s play.” Duncan shuffled and dealt. Mike won the first hand. He took the shears and made a long cut up the side of her skirt. When he opened the shears for a second cut Duncan stopped him.“Mike. One cut…only!“Shit.” Mike said disappointed.The next three winners focused on her blouse. On the fourth cut it fell to the floor and they all cheered. Cheryl could only stand knowing in a short while she would be naked in front of her friends. After four more hands Cheryl’s skirt fell to the floor. Alison won the next hand.“Where should I cut honey?” she asked Tim.“Cut her bra between her tits.”Alison türbanlı aksaray escort bayan nervously approached and sliced the lacy red bra. It snapped open revealing Cheryl’s breasts. Alison blushed at the site, but the group went wild. After five more hands it was over. Cheryl was nude.“I gotta piss.” Mike crudely announced. Everyone took a break. Duncan checked on his wife.“You okay honey?”“It hurts.” came the muffled reply.“I know, but you need to be punished. Think about it this way. This is better than fifty lashes of the cane and plus it’s fun for our friends.”“Duncan…” Rachel called. She whispered something into his ear. “No shit?” he said. She nodded. “Well, go get it!”Rachel returned with a small tube of gel and crossed over to Cheryl. “Her honey, this will help.” She dabbed a small dot of the gel onto her finger and rubbed it on Cheryl’s clit. “What’s that?” Jerry asked. “It’s called Scream Cream. In about five minutes Cheryl’s clit is going to get warm and very itchy. She’ll want to rub it but she can’t.”Alison was immediately wet hearing this. The game resumed. Only Duncan, Mike, and Rachel remained. Duncan decided to bluff on a straight draw but Mike was too good.“You don’t got a straight motherfucker and I got three Kings.” Mike slammed his cards on the table. Duncan was out. “I hope you like anal Cheryl.” he said whipping his dick out that was as thick as her forearm. “Oh God no!” her mind screamed. “Please don’t let him win.” “Put that away Mike.” Rachel rebuked. “You haven’t won yet.”True to it’s name, the gel began to work it’s magic. Jerry, Tim, and Alison completely lost track of the game as they watched Cheryl bouncing up and down desperately trying to get some relief. She was rubbing her legs together, humping the air, anything but nothing relieved the tingling sensation that a finger, türbanlı escort aksaray tongue, or hard dick would. Duncan watched too. He wanted to help his wife, but this was her punishment. Cheryl’s moaning and panting was driving Mike nuts. He lost focus on his game. With a Full House, he went all in. Rachel matched his move. “You’re one dumb bitch Rachel!” he laid out his hand. “Full fucking House!”Rachel looked defeated. But then a small smile crept across her face. “Four deuces.”As Cheryl was uncuffed from the ceiling Rachel gave strict instructions. “Please bind her hands behind her back and then her ankles and thighs. I don’t want her touching herself yet. Tim? Jerry? Please carry her to my car and put her in the the front passenger seat.”“Do you want us to put a blanket around her?” Jerry asked.“No, she’ll be naked for awhile.” She turned to Duncan. “Honey, what time do you want her back?”“I was thinking about eight in the morning, but whenever is convenient for you.”“Okay. Maybe by ten. I like to relax a little on Saturday mornings. I’ll read my paper and have my coffee while your wife licks my pussy. How does that sound?”Duncan was immediately aroused. “Uh… sounds good!” he said as his mind imagined this beautiful woman fucking his wife.She smiled and leaned in. “Listen, I’ve got a web cam and you can watch. Okay?” She scribbled the address down on his hand. Duncan could say nothing. “I’ll drop her off at ten in the morning. At the curb. Just the way I’m taking her. Goodnight Duncan.” And she left. Duncan thoughts turned to his bound, naked wife hopping down the sidewalk at ten in the morning. A perfect end to her punishment.An hour later Duncan was busily jerking himself off as he stared at the computer screen. His frail little wife was being fucked every way possible by this beautiful woman. After three hours and six orgasms Duncan thought his dick would fall off. He was very sore but keep watching as Rachel put a strap-on in Cheryl’s ass. He came again. At five hours he was spent. But Rachel kept ravishing Cheryl’s body. “How can women keep fucking for so long?” he wondered. His cell phone chirped a new text message. It was from Alison.“I’ve been bad and need to be punished.”Duncan’s cock grew hard again.

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