Trailer Park Girls


‘Lorrie! It’s so great to see you!’ Lizzie enthused as she hugged me and kissed my cheeks. I was standing outside her trailer, looking worse for wear after the two days travel it had taken me to get here.

‘How long has it been, Lorrie?’ Lizzie asked, still hugging me tightly.

‘A year, it’s been a year since graduation, so yeah, a year.’ I replied affectionately.

‘Wow. Seems like longer… here, let me get your bag, its great to have you here.’ She reached down a grabbed the bag before I could stop her and took it into the trailer. Here, by the way is a fairly sizable trailer park a few miles from Niagara Falls, where Lizzie and I went to high school some five years ago. Lizzie’s trailer is where I spent all of my four college summers, and most of my time in high school, my own parents travelling a lot, and leaving me behind.

I stepped into the trailer shut the door behind me. I stopped for a moment to breath in the familiar scent of incense and pot. For once, I felt like I was home.

‘Sit down, you must be exhausted, where did you come from?’ Lizzie asked me. This was not just perfunctory, she actually cared. I lay down on a sofa draped in a purple sheet. As I sank in to the embrace of the pillows I answered wearily.

‘New Zealand’

‘Wow. From New Zealand to here in two days, you must be disappointed.’ Lizzie laughed as she sat down in front of the sofa I was lying on.

‘There’s no where I’d rather be.’ I wasn’t lying. I heard the TV come on as I drifted off, Lizzie turned the volume right down to let me sleep.

By the way, I’m Lorelai, I stand about six foot, I have long, ginger (usually) hair that comes down past my shoulders, a slim figure and what I’ve been told are fantastic breasts. After completing a four year degree at college I decided to travel, to see the world my parents left me at home for when I was a teen. I enjoyed it, but felt now it was time to return home.

Lizzie had told me a few days before, over the phone, that, a few days after I was due to arrive, someone in my class had organised a five year anniversary (I had hoped the reasonable minimum of 10 years would hold, no such luck). As for who was organising the reunion I was under no illusions, there was only one person it could be. Amanda Adams. ‘Double A’. The prom queen, the head cheerleader, you get the picture. I had had such a crush on her, but I never made anything of it, after all, Me, Lizzie and my college girlfriend were and are the only ones who know my little secret, although my brother may do, I not quite sure.

I awoke and glanced at the clock. 11:30. I had been asleep over fifteen hours. I hadn’t slept like that since college. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I was hungry. As I stood I noticed the note Lizzie had left for me on the fridge door.

‘Lorelai- Sorry! No food, come to the diner and I’ll fix you up something. Oh yeah, and have a shower.’

I did as the not bade me, quickly showering in the trailer’s surprisingly small bathroom and dressed. I pulled on a black tank top, over which I wore an army surplus shirt. I glanced out of the window and saw one of the neighbours, a girl of about 18 sunbathing; she must have thought the entire park had gone to work or school, as she was completely naked. I stood watching her lying there, smoking, bare to the world and ignorant of the fact that I was watching her. She stubbed out her cigarette and began slowly rubbing one of her nipples. She took an ice cube out of the drink by her sun bed and teased her nipples with it. I slipped my hand into my panties and was shocked to find how wet I already was. I slipped my hand back out and saw it glistening like her breasts. I licked it clean. I love my own taste. I lay back down on the sofa, and imagined the mystery woman between my legs, licking me, teasing me bringing me to the amazing orgasm I was about to reach as someone knocked on the door.

I slipped my hand out and wiped it dry on my panties and answered the door. It was my mystery woman.

‘Hi’ I couldn’t quite place her accent. It sounded southern. She was stunningly beautiful up close, long blonde locks, full tits; she was no longer naked of course, görükle escort but wrapped in a towel.

‘Oh, I’m sorry, I was looking for Lizzie, I’ve run out of sun cream, you don’t happen to have any do you?’ There was a bottle by the door, I handed it to her. ‘I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure, I’m Emily, and you are?’

‘Lorelai,’ I said, gazing into her eyes.

‘I hate to be a bother, but could you do my back?’

‘Err, of course, of course’ I stammered.

‘Thank you so much, I could probably do it myself, but it feels so much better to have someone else do it.’ She turned around and sat on the step of the trailer, pulled the towel off and exposed her naked back to me. She handed me the bottle and I began massaging the cream into her.

‘Umm, you have the softest hands. That feels great.’ It was like she was tormenting me. I was straddling this gorgeous creature, practically soaking my panties, but unable to grab her and fuck her. I finished merciful quickly.

‘Oh, thank you, how long are you staying for?’

‘I don’t know yet, maybe a while.’

‘Oh good, maybe I’ll see you around?’

‘Yeah, I’m sure you will’ I shut the door and brought myself to an orgasm I had to stifle by biting my lip to stop from screaming.

I pulled on my favourite jeans and trainers and set off into the midday sun.

It was about a half an hour walk to the restaurant at which Lizzie worked in the town centre from the park, and it passed surprisingly quickly, as I remembered all the sights from all those years ago. Memories of wild nights, and old friends came flooding back, and I soon found myself looking forward to the reunion. Though I wasn’t about to tell Lizzie that.

I lit a cigarette as I approached the restaurant and stood outside smoking it. Pretty stood Lizzie joined me.

‘I thought you quit.’ Lizzie said disapprovingly as she took the cigarette off me and took a drag. I smiled and took it back off her. ‘Sorry if I woke you when I left this morning,’

‘You didn’t’ I replied.

‘You look so peaceful when you sleep; I tried my best not to wake you’

‘Don’t worry Liz, you didn’t wake me.’ I put my arm around her. She seemed upset by something, I had no idea what. She hugged me back and whispered in my ear.

‘It’s great to have you back, Lorrie’

‘It’s great to be back, Lizzie.’ We hugged for a couple of minutes. I began to feel a damp patch where Lizzie’s head was resting on my shoulder. I felt a tear run down my cheek. I looked Lizzie in the eye and said, tearfully, ‘What have I got to do to get some breakfast around here?’

‘Of course, of course,’ Lizzie said, wiping the tears from her eyes then mine and leading me into her restaurant. ‘I missed you, you know that?’

‘I missed you too, Lizzie’

After breakfast, or more accurately, lunch, Lizzie had to get back to work, so I spent the day wondering around town, watching the falls, thinking about he impeding reunion, think about going to see my parents, which I decided to do that evening, if I could get a lift from Lizzie.

Typically Lizzie was all too happy to oblige and soon after she got off work we were heading to my parents sizable suburban house. Lizzie pulled into the driveway and cut the engine.

‘You gonna go in?’ She asked.

‘I guess so… can you come too?’

‘Lorrie. Come on.’ We got out of the car and made our way to the door. My brother answered. I caught a strong smell of weed smoke.

‘Shit, Lorrie,’ He seemed pleased to see me for once. ‘DON’T WORRY BOYS, IT’S NOT THE COPS. So, how you been?’

‘You still owe me for that eighth, man’ Lizzie said, flatly.

‘Shit, Liz, have I ever let you down?’ He handed her the cash. ‘Where’s the love sis?’ We hugged and he let us in. A couple of his friends were sitting in the living room watching ‘family guy’. They didn’t look up. We sat down in the kitchen and Steve, my brother started rolling.

‘Steve, where are our parents, man?’ I asked. ‘Italy, Bolivia, Mongolia, how the fuck should I know?’ He started grinding some bud.

‘Oh, ok when they gonna be back?’

‘A week, a month, bursa escort bayan a fucking year, how the fuck should I know?’ He stopped to lick the paper and burn off the excess.

‘Backwards rolling, good man’ Lizzie interjected.

‘Yeah, it’s all good. You girls in on this?’

‘Yeah, sure.’ We simultaneously said. We went out on to the veranda and Steve lit the joint.

‘This is good shit, real good shit, Lizzie.’ Steve said through a toke.

‘I know Steve, I sold it to you, remember?’ Lizzie replied. He passed the doob to me and I took a toke, he was right. I wasn’t surprised Lizzie had sold him the weed, she had always been pretty keen on the stuff and had more than enough time to grow it, the restaurant gig was only part time. The rest of the past pretty much the same way, and by about two, we were both far too fucked to consider driving. So I led Lizzie up to my bed room. Steve and his friends were either passed out or considering whether or not to pass out, so no one noticed us going up to bed together.

We lay on the bed next to each other, giggling. Lizzie took a pillow and hit me with it, still giggling; I screamed and tried, in vain, to defend myself as she continued hitting me. Soon enough I saw my opportunity, I jumped at her, grabbing her shoulders and laying on top of her, the pillow between us. She rolled me over, so she was now on top. She pulled the pillow up between us and our tops were dragged up with it. Our bare stomachs touching caused us to stop for a split second, before we dived at each other.

We kissed and kissed passionately for an eternity. When we paused for breath Lizzie was sitting in my lap, her legs wrapped around my stomach. Someone downstairs had put on 80s matchbox, ‘when I hear you call my name’, on full volume. I began kissing Lizzie’s neck. Her cleft. Her stomach, making my way steadily southwards. I undid her jeans and hooked my fingers around the waist of both those and her panties. I pulled both down, exposing her pussy. The scent of her sex filled the room. I was crazed with passion. I dove down upon her. I teased her clit, tongued her hole and licked her from ass to clit. She writhed with pleasure, groaned, squeaked, squealed and after I felt I had tortured her long enough, came to a screaming orgasm. That didn’t stop me. She had come at last twice more before I stopped.

She was still shaking as I wrapped my arms around her. She pulled my clothes off and we lay naked together, her in post orgasm ecstasy. I began grinding my bare pussy against her thigh. She gave me a seductive smile and started fingering me. All the while she held my eye. As she slipped in a second, a third finger, she held my eye. As my breathing increased and she finger fucked me faster and faster, she held my eye. As I came over and again on her hand, she held my eye. She only broke eye contact when tears of pure joy ran down my face. Then she kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. We remained like that until sunrise, just holding each other.

I awoke to Lizzie kissing me gently on the cheek.

‘Lorrie,’ she whispered in my ear. ‘Lorrie, we have to get up’ A huge smile spread across my lips. It had actually happened.

‘Keep kissing me and I’ll open my eyes,’ she obliged kissing me on the lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth. After a few minutes she stopped and I opened my eyes. We were both still naked, still wrapped in each others arms. I began kissing her neck.

‘We have to get ready, oh, that feels good, for, mmmmm, for the reunion.’ Lizzie said as I kissed every part of her I could reach. I ran my hands down her back.

‘Yeah I guess so. It’s not like a costume party or anything is it?’

‘No, we’ve been saved that trauma, it says, formal-casual on the invite’ Lizzie said. I giggled.

‘What the fuck does that mean?’

‘I honestly don’t know,’

We eventually decided ‘formal-casual’ must just mean casual, and dressed as if for a normal night out. I wore a nice little black mini, a dark green top and a matching silk scarf. Lizzie borrowed some of my clothes, which happened to look a lot better on her, especially the cute pink bursa escort silk tie she wrapped around her waist. We help each other fix their make up and went down the stairs. Steve’s friends were still down stairs, as was Steve, who had just finished making some toast. Toast to which I asserted my right as an older sister, and stole for Lizzie and myself.

We decided to take my car, my pride a joy a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, a beautiful machine, so treasured I carried the keys around the world with me to prevent Steve from driving it. She looked just the same as when I left as I pulled the sheet off of her, Jet black except for a pure white stripe down the middle of the bonnet and chrome strips along the side of the doors.

I started her up. The engine roared to life first time. I felt great. I had my girl in the seat beside me and the reigns to this beast of a car in my hands. The garage doors open and I hit the gas, leaving half of the tyres in storage.

We arrived at the school fairly quickly, but still late, having spent the entire day in bed together. I saw other cars pulling in, Toyotas, SUVs, I pitied them. I pulled up to the valet, a boy of about 17. He open the door for Lizzie and I walked around to him, he gave be a ticket, I went to give him the keys, but stopped myself short.

‘There’s so much as a scratch on her when I pick her up. I’ll cut you.’ His eyes were already popping out of his head at the sight of the car. I’ll he did was nod. Slowly.

We entered the reunion to the sounds of a light jazz band, some of our old class mates and their spouses, swaying slowly to the music; it didn’t seem too bad, especially when Lottie, the third member of our little clique came over to us. She was a cute girl, and had a girl I hadn’t seen before in tow.

‘You guys!’ She kissed us both on the cheeks; we shook hands with her friend. ‘This is Nancy, my girlfriend, we met at college’ they kissed briefly. ‘Did you guys bring anyone?’ We looked at each other, Lizzie took my hand.

‘Actually, we came together…’ I kissed her hand as I said it.

‘I knew you two would end up together,’ we both smiled a kissed.

‘You guys look great together, seriously.’

The reunion itself turned out to be quite a laugh, meeting up with old friends, telling the same old stories; it was actually quite fun. That is until ‘Double A’ clocked us. I won’t go into too much detail, but the end result was both Amanda and Lizzie leaving the room in tears, I followed Lizzie. I caught up to her in the hallway.

‘Do you want to go home?’ I asked her.

‘I really do,’ She tried to laugh through her tears. I held her close to me and kissed her.

‘What’s the matter anyway?’ I said, rubbing her back.

‘I love you, I always have… but you love her.’ She said gently sobbing into my shoulder.

‘I don’t love that bitch, I love you, I love you.’ Now I was crying too. I kissed her. We kissed for a good few minutes before she stopped and took my hand leading me into the girls changing room, a huge smile upon her lips. We began pulling each others clothes off. We were both naked as we emerged into the pool room. We started kissing again, groping each other. Lizzie turned and dived into the pool, I dived in after her. We stared kissing in the water, soon I had my back to the pool wall, my feet on the ground and Lizzie in front of me. She began sucking on my nipples, teasing them. I giggled with pleasure.

She pulled herself close to me, kissed me began nibbling my neck as she hooked her hands under my legs and lifted me, with my help, up on to her shoulders. My pussy was inches from her face. She began licking me, nibbling me, soon she had two fingers in me and began teasing my asshole with her little finger. I writhed in pleasure as she began fucking my pussy and ass with one hand and teasing my clit with the other. I lay back on the cold tiles of the room and let her fuck me. Soon I was breathlessly coming to orgasm, screaming ‘I love you’.

We lay in each others arms again, until Lizzie pulled me to my feet. We dressed quickly and went back to the main hall, where the party was in full swing. We said goodbye to Nancy and Lottie, and made our way out.

I drove quickly back to my parents house and we sat in the car for a while.

‘So,’ I started, Lizzie kissed me.

‘Yeah. I want to come in.’

‘I really love you, you know that?’

‘I love you too, Lorrie.’

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