It started with one message.

Big Tits

It started with one message.This story is for a friend. It’s what I hope happens one day. Hope she likes it.Boredom crawled into my life yet again and drew me to the distractions bought on by a starved libido. Xhamster had always been something I did with my ex and while it did bring bad some tough memories, my need won out over memories.Men can be jerks and perhaps a change of pace was in order. Of course they have their uses, but too often they’re uncontrollable assholes that have the world’s smallest brains located in their cocks. There is no doubt a woman can be just as bad, but I had to see that for myself.I found her one day scanning the site for a friend to talk to in San Antonio. Her profile, full of information and hesitation really drew me to her. She was different. She wasn’t collecting friends and indeed only added me after we’d talked for quite some time. Sometimes I wondered what she was doing on here. Why was she looking for something extra when she seemed to have everything she needed. Then again, may be she didn’t and I could certainly Escort be that thing she was looking for. It wasn’t long before I suggested we meet up. She was hesitant as usual, one of the cutest things about her, but eventually she relented. I’d never been so forceful when it came to dating, but I decided that she was who I wanted to be with and I had to make it happen.We met at a nice restaurant and gave each other a hug and exchanged pleasantries. There was the undeniable uncomfortableness for both of us. Neither one of us had ever done anything like this before and there we’re plenty of awkward moments.I had almost chickened out when she decided to go use the restroom. When she came back her skirt rode up a little bit and I got a peak at her long delicious legs. I let my eyes do the talking as I let them walk a trail up to her blouse. The buttons on the front would be so easy to tear open if someone wanted to. Her lips, untouched by lipstick, were so big and full that I shifted in my seat imagining them on my hot sex. When I looked up Escort Bayan to her eyes she was looking straight at me. She knew I was checking her out and she just smiled and I smiled back. I decided it was now or never.I slid close to her in our booth and feigned interest in her skirt. I reached over and asked where she got it. She was lost in the details of the purchase when I moved my hands on it and slowly slid my hands off it and onto her legs. She stopped talking and looked right at me.I barely moved my hand up her leg before she shivered and placed her hand on mine. I whispered to her that it was ok, let it happen. She looked at me with hard thoughts on her mind. Probably wondering if this was really happening and did she want it to continue. Her eyes closed and her hand relaxed. I knew I was in and started running my nails along her thighs, letting her feeling the sensation of my hand getting closer and closer. I decided not to push it too much for fear she’d get scared and run away. I stopped and told her we should head back Bayan Escort to my place. As soon as she moved her eyes up to think about it, I knew I made a mistake. She furrowed her brow and said may be next time. We walked out of the restaurant and with her parking closer, we stopped at her car to say our goodbyes. I asked if we could do this again. She just smiled and said that would be nice. My final move was to make sure she wouldn’t forget this night for awhile.I moved in close and said, “well here’s something to remember me by until then.” I slowly brought my face to hers and gave her a kiss on the lips. Even though I was trying to play this as cool as I could, I was on fire. It was so electric kissing another woman and she did indeed taste good. Her lips were as soft as I imagined them to be. They pushed back against mine and begged me for more. I reached around with my other hand and let it caress her ass through her skirt. I was tempted to put my hand underneath, but my mind knew better. Despite what seemed like an eternity, the kiss was over before we knew it. She gave me that same out of words smile and waved at me. Nothing had to be said anymore I guess. She started her car and left me standing there on fire. I was hoping that soon I’d have her wet enough to put out my fire.

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