Stranded in the Woods


After a busy month, Lilly needed to get away, clear her head and take some time for herself. She had been hoping to escape to the mountains and clear her head in nature. This weekend, she finally had the chance. Early Saturday morning, she arrived at a trailhead on the Appalachian Trail. She planned to hike Saturday and Sunday, camping out both nights, and return Monday morning.It was a beautiful, crisp morning, in the mid-50s. It would rise to the mid-70s during the day and cool back down to the 50s at night. Perfect weather for hiking and camping.As Lilly clipped on her pack and set off from her car to the trailhead, a man was approaching. Their eyes met, and they greeted one another. He introduced himself as Matt. As they began walking the trail, they talked and realized they had similar plans. Both intended to return Monday morning, though Matt’s turnaround point was several miles beyond Lilly’s. Matt explained that he was training to hike the Pacific Coast Trail. Conversation was surprisingly easy between them, but Matt had his goals, and Lilly needed solitude. They wished one another well and Matt strode off with a long, purposeful stride.Saturday had turned out to be everything Lilly needed. She hiked fourteen miles, enjoyed the serenity of nature, and slept like a baby in her tent. She planned to hike ten miles on Sunday, taking a little more time on the route, and camp four miles from the trailhead.By mid-Sunday afternoon, the sky had turned dark, threatening rain that was not supposed to arrive until later in the week. Lilly picked up her pace, planning to camp at a shelter that was another mile beyond her planned stopping point, which was itself still two miles away. So three miles to the shelter.In her hurry, as the sky darkened and the trail grew darker, Lilly stepped on a root, felt a sharp pain, and stumbled. She had twisted her ankle. The shelter was only three miles ahead, but the three miles felt like an eternity. She feared she couldn’t make it. Mother Nature, while welcoming at times, could also be bitterly unforgiving.As Lilly limped along, stopping to rest more often than time would allow, thunder clapped overhead. She doubted she could make the shelter and tried to plan for other options, but could conceive of none and felt helpless.As she was evaluating the situation, another hiker appeared in the distance. Lilly felt vulnerable. Although the hiking community was warm friendly, you could never be certain who you might come across — or who might come across you — when you were miles from civilization. Lilly’s spirits lifted, though, when she recognized that the stranger approaching was Matt, who had started off with her. He was moving quickly, focused ahead, and nearly marched right past before he saw her sitting on a rock alongside the trail. “Lilly!” he said. “It’s getting dark. It’s going to rain soon. Are you okay? I’m rushing to the shelter up ahead.”“I sprained my ankle,” Lilly answered. “I was going there, too, but I’m not sure I can make it.”Matt stopped. He looked around. “Well, I can’t leave you on your own. Can I help you?”“Please,” Lilly answered. “Yes. Please.”Thunder clapped again, and a light rain started. The air was getting cooler.“Okay,” Matt said. “Let me see. I don’t think we can get you to that shelter. I passed a small cave just over the last ridge. Let’s get you there, out of this rain.”Lilly stood and started to walk, but faltered. Üsküdar Escort She had tightened up in the cool air. The pain increased. She sat back down.“Okay,” Matt said. “I’m going to have to help you. Take your pack off.”Lilly complied, grateful for the help. Matt pulled off his pack and set it beside Lilly’s. He leaned and scooped her up.Lilly was surprised, but felt both mentally and physically sweet off her feet. A flood of gratitude filled her. He carried her effortlessly and moved quickly over the ridge to a small cave, where he set her down.“Wait here,” Matt said. “I’ll get the packs.”Moments later, Matt returned, carrying their gear. He was just in time. The skies opened up and rain poured down.Matt looked around, Lilly’s eyes following his, and they were relieved to see a pile of wood along the cave wall. Apparently, they were not the only hikers to have found shelter here. “Let me get a fire started, and I’ll set up our tents,” Matt said. “I can’t believe there is dry wood here. We’re very lucky.”Lilly agreed. She didn’t know what she’d be doing if Matt hadn’t come along. Matt pulled a blanket out of his pack, set it down, and helped Lilly onto it. The blanket was next to a smooth wall, and she leaned back. Lilly watched as Matt piled the logs, used a hatchet to make kindling, and used a flint to start the fire. The heat was welcome.Matt opened his pack, found some bread, cheese, a canteen of wine, and a small cup, and handed them to Lilly. “Here,” he said, “have something. I don’t know if you drink wine, but hopefully, it will warm and relax you.”Lilly could not believe her good fortune. “Thank you,” was all she said. “Thank you, Matt.” Matt set up his tent, and Lilly’s alongside it. The cave was just large enough to accommodate the tents, the fire, and the blanket. After getting everything set up, Matt sat across from Lilly. He had been so busy taking care of her. Once again, Lilly was flooded with gratitude. Sometimes people restore your faith in humanity.After eating some bread and pouring himself a glass of the wine, Matt said, “Let’s take a look at that ankle. I have a wrap in my pack.”Matt sat cross-legged across from Lilly. She let Matt remove her shoe, along with her sock. His strong hands cradled her foot gently. Lilly didn’t know if it was the cool air, her gratitude, the wine, or her attraction to this kind man, but his touch sent goosebumps up her legs. Matt did not seem to notice. He was purpose-driven, focused on taking care of her. He glanced up and saw her watching him tend to her. Both paused. It was as if their eyes were meeting for the first time. Lilly saw in Matt’s eyes concern, caring and purpose. He saw gratitude reflected in hers. But each also saw something more. Recognition of something. Connection. A magic energy that traveled between them.The air had become thick when Matt broke the moment. He glanced down at Lilly’s foot, looked up at her eyes, and said, “Pink, eh?” Lilly blushed and smiled. He was commenting on her toenails. She had done her toes before she’d gone hiking. And, yes, they were pink. Always pink. Matt held her by the heel and the back of the calf as he examined her swollen ankle. He pulled a wrap from his pack, slowly encased her ankle, and fastened the wrap. As his left hand held her heel, his thumb was against the ball of her foot. His fingers lightly massaged her sole as he asked, “Feel Üsküdar Escort Bayan better?”“I feel safe, Matt,” Lilly answered. “Thank you.”“Does this help?” Matt asked, cradling her foot in his strong hands, and massaging the sole. Lilly’s feet and legs were sore both from hiking and also simply from being on her feet so much the last two days.Lilly nodded and closed her eyes. The gentle massage would have felt amazing even if she hadn’t been hiking. The circumstances made it all the more welcome. For several minutes, Matt massaged Lilly’s foot. She closed her eyes, and, for the first time since she had twisted her ankle, felt herself relax. The tension that had tightened her muscles and flooded her mind drifted away.And, strangely, in this moment, in a cave, stranded in the wilderness, with a thunderstorm pounding down around them, she felt something else. Sexy. A kind, attractive, generous man was taking care of her as if he had known her for years. And he made her feel safe. Warm. Comfortable. “Would you like me to do the other foot?” Matt asked.Lilly blushed as she replied, “That would be really nice.”“Well, now you’ve moved beyond medical attention and are just taking advantage,” Matt teased.“Can you blame a girl?” Lilly responded. “Who wouldn’t want a massage after two days on the trails?”With that, Matt set Lilly’s right foot down, where it rested against his thigh, elevated. He untied her left shoe, slipped it off along with her sock, and smiled. “Gotta love that pink,” he said.Lilly just smiled. “I’m a girly-girl sometimes,” she said.“Nothing wrong with that,” Matt replied. “Not a thing.” He cupped Lilly’s left foot in his hands and massaged her sole, moving his thumbs in firm circles along the ball of her foot. His thumbs then drug across her arch to her heel, and drew tightly back toward her toes, as if to drag the tension right out of her body. And that was the effect. Lilly felt light. Relaxed. Warm. Shivers spread over her flesh when his fingers expertly stroked and massaged each of her toes. He tugged gently upon and caressed them. The shivers deepened when Matt’s fingers caressed the sensitive flesh between her toes but melted when his thumbs once again drug across the sole of her foot. His thumbs press and circled firmly to draw every bit of tension from her body.When Lilly’s right foot shifted against Matt’s thigh, her toe dragged against something. It was inadvertent. And barely discernible. But Lilly realized that she was not the only one feeling sexy.As Matt focused on massaging her left foot, Lilly subtly moved her right so that it brushed against the bare flesh of Matt’s thigh, the hem of his shorts hiking up. She wasn’t sure why or how she felt so comfortable, even playful.Did he not think she realized that he was reacting to her?“Matt,” Lilly said, as his fingers drew the tension from her toes.  “This feels incredible.”“I’m glad,” Matt answered, his eyes smiling. “Are you enjoying it, too?” she asked. She realized that on a relatively-empty stomach, the wine might be getting to her head.Matt looked back at her. “Of course I am,” he answered. “I’m happy to help you feel better.”Lilly pushed her toes a bit further up Matt’s thigh, the hem of his shorts rising further. He’d done a great job with the wrap. “No, Matt,” Lilly continued. “You seem to be enjoying this quite a lot.” Her eyes locked on his.Matt paused. Escort Üsküdar “Ummmm ….” he managed. “Sorry,” he mumbled. He looked embarrassed, but to Lilly it was endearing. He set her foot down. Lilly put her left foot on Matt’s right thigh. “Don’t be,” Lilly said, looking into his eyes. “I’m not,” she added, sliding the toes of her left foot into his shorts. They watched one another for a moment. Lilly now felt not only sexy, but powerful. She had this kind, strong, generous man befuddled, and entirely at her mercy. Lilly inched her toes higher, and they watched one another.“Boxers,” she said, as her toes wiggled. “Convenient.”It was apparent to both of them that her toes were nearly touching his shaft. “Do you want me to stop?” Lilly asked.“No,” Matt answered, almost stammering. But then he recovered, with more confidence. “Do you want to?” he asked in a way that implied he knew the answer. Lilly answered by inching her foot until her big toe dragged against Matt’s cock. Heated. Thick. Hard. Warmth flooded Lilly’s body and mind. She gasped and wriggled her big toe against Matt’s shaft. His eyes closed and reopened.For several moments, neither said anything, as Lilly experimented with the sensation of her toes on Matt’s cock. Her right foot stroked his shaft as her left rested against and then under his balls. She felt more than sexy. She felt … hungry … needful.Their eye contact never breaking, Matt slipped from a sitting position to kneeling, leaning toward Lilly, and their lips met. All of the oxygen seemed to rush from the cave. Thunder clapped and their lips moved softly together before parting for their tongues to greet.  Lilly slid her fingers through Matt’s hair as their tongues tasted one another, and the energy intensified.Feeling emboldened and aroused and sexy and wanted — this was crazy — Lilly pulled back from the kiss.    “Take your shorts off, Matt,” she said. “I want to do it again. See it. Feel it.”“Mine, too,” she added. “Help me out of my shorts.”For a moment, neither Lilly nor Matt could think, consider, plan or reason. Neither could really believe this was happening. But it was. They could only react to the heat of the moment, to their ever-increasing desire. Matt kissed Lilly again, hard, as he unfastened his shorts. He pulled them off, and Lilly couldn’t help watching as his hard cock sprang free. What a visual. Fuck, that was hot. Matt’s fingers moved to Lilly’s waist, curled around the hem of her shorts, and in one motion, tugged them off her hips, her panties along with them. She was as aroused as he and wanted him to know it. “Sit back,” Lilly gasped, and her bare feet were immediately on Matt’s thighs, meeting at his cock. She’d never done this before. Never thought about it. But as her toes caressed his balls and his cock, a bolt of sensation shot through her body. And it was such an erotic sight, her pink-painted toes brushing along his cock, and her feet squeezing him between her. His dick so big and thick and hot and hard for her. Lilly’s fingers instinctively moved up her thighs as she watched and felt what she was doing to him.And Matt watched her fingers. “Yessss,” he gasped aloud, encouraging her. Lilly was bare before him, exposed — and it felt safe, hot and right. “You like your feet on my cock?” he asked.“Yes!” Lilly answered, quite honestly. “Show, me, “Matt said. “Touch yourself.” Lilly assented immediately, her fingertip moving between her bare, swollen lips. Lilly gasped as her fingers caressed her tender folds.As Matt folded Lilly’s feet around his cock, moving it between her arches, Lilly watched. She touched herself. Her fingertip grazed her clit. And her breath quickened as her gasps echoed in the cave. 

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