Willing Fraternity Prostitute


I’m twenty-seven and in grad school. This semester I’m working as a TA in order to get a few extra credits. I’m married, but I still get the attention of many of the male students, which is why I wasn’t surprised when one of my student frat boys invited me to a frat party. Of course I declined because what business would I have at a frat party? It’s not that I would actually care, but I’d feel especially out of place at a black frat house. Harold was very persistent and told me it wasn’t really a party; it was more of a fundraiser to raise money to fix up his frat house. I was just as persistent in declining.I went home that night and mentioned it to my husband. Surprisingly, he actually got kind of mad about it. He accused me of always flirting too much with the college kids and reminded me that I’m not that much older than them and he wasn’t so sure that I was immune to all of their advances. The fight got kind of out of control and ended with him storming out of the house.He was fucking pissed and I was really confused. It was hours later and I still hadn’t heard from him. I called. I texted. I was getting nothing. I really couldn’t fathom where the hell he would go for so long. I finally got tired of waiting, so I used the “find my iphone” app. My stomach sank when I saw his location; it looked an awful lot like he was at his ex-girlfriend’s house.Now I was fucking pissed. I made the immediate decision to show up at that party, because fuck him. I still had some Kadıköy Escort of my old party clothes in the closet. I don’t know why it even crossed my thought process, but I also selected a scandalous pair of panties. They were lace, sheer, crotchless, and made my shapely ass look irresistible. We lived almost on campus, so it was within walking distance.  I got dressed and headed towards the frat house.“Mrs. Phillips! I thought you weren’t coming,” yelled a beaming Harold as he saw me approaching.“I’ve had a shitty night, Harold, so I thought maybe I could have a few drinks and have a good time.”“You sure as shit can. Let’s go get you a drink. C’mon, the cover is however much you want to donate.”I didn’t have any money, but I told him I’d bring him some to class on Monday. He seemed okay with that.  The rest of the night was kind of a blur. I remember being a little uncomfortable at first because I stood out like a sore thumb. I was a little older than everyone and I was like a white beacon in a house full of black people. I started out with liquor and didn’t look back. My inhibitions fell to the floor, and I easily fell into conversations with men and women alike.The night was getting late and some of the party started to clear out. I looked up at one point to notice there weren’t many women left. The ones still around were clearly planning on spending the night as they were giving their chosen man a lot of attention. One girl Kadıköy Escort Bayan that I had been talking to earlier in the night was not with a man and came to sit down next to me.“Hey, um… I’m sorry but I have to do this, it was a dare,” she said sharply.I was absolutely shocked and she darted in and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I don’t know why but my pussy instantly got wet. There was something about the situation that was so hot. I didn’t belong here, a woman was kissing me, and I could tell that everyone in the house was watching us. I think I surprised her a little bit as I kissed her back and grabbed one of her breasts. She also cupped one of my breasts and we made out for an indeterminate amount of time.I was jolted into reality when Harold broke us apart and led both of us by the arm upstairs. I could hear a lot of hollering as I succumbed and allowed him to bring me up the stairs. He tossed both of us on a bed and told us to take our pants off. I was happy to oblige and I tossed them across the room leaving me exposed in my sexy panties. The black girl was even faster because as I was rolling to face her she grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into her black cunt.“Yeah, eat that pussy, bitch!”And eat I did, it tasted so good. Harold was one of many gathered in the room and stacked up outside of the open door, but I didn’t care. The only thing I wanted to do was eat this pussy. I sucked her clit and worked Escort Kadıköy a finger inside of her. I think she was getting close to climax when she released my hair. She took control and put me on my back.“Naw, bitch I ain’t getting off that easy. Your about to lick my black ass,” she said to a raucous yelling by the crowd.I didn’t protest as she straddled my face and pulled apart her healthy black butt cheeks. She positioned her tight little hole right on my mouth and I started rimming her delicious asshole. She took one of my hands and guided it to her clit. I loved this, I was so wet as I licked her black ass and rubbed her clit. I put my tongue fully into her asshole as far as I could and tongue fucked her asshole. This proved to be enough for her as she spasmed and came all over my face. She rolled off of me and gathered her clothes.“My work is done here, this bitch is all yours, Harold,” she said as she walked out and left me alone in this room full of black men.Harold didn’t miss a beat as he whipped his huge black cock out. He didn’t say anything and didn’t even ask before shoving it into my mouth. I didn’t know how I felt about this but I submitted and sucked his black dick like a whore. He positioned us so he was on his knees and guiding my head in the rhythm that he wanted while I was bent over with my ass facing the open door way.It was no surprise when I felt someone sidle in behind me. I tried to object, but my mouth was full of black dick. My cunt was so wet and it offered no resistance as he shoved his cock all the way in in one thrust. It felt as hard as a rock and went in so deep that it was bumping against my cervix. Any tenseness that I had from relucting melted away; I relaxed and gave him full access to do whatever the fuck he wanted to me.

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