Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 07


The next morning, when the cups were removed from Daisy’s nipples, she shrieked in horror. “They’re horrible, Dad! Oh my god, look at them! They’re disgusting!”

Tom was looking at them, and they were horrible, if you liked small, perfect nipples. He rather preferred them this way-wide as nickels, thrusting out two inches from tiny aereolas nearly lost in the girth of her nipples. He knew they would shrink, that this was just the initial swelling, but he liked the look of them.

“This is to teach you not to flaunt your titties,” he said sternly. “You wore tight t-shirts with no bra because your nipples were small and cute. Now they’re big and nasty. No one will want to see those sticking out of your tops.” Daisy looked devastated.

“Not to worry. They’ll shrink.”

“Until you pump them again,” she retorted, bending over to rummage through her underwear drawer. He swatted her ass soundly, and she jumped. “Mind your tongue. Although you are correct-I’ll pump them again. Maybe this afternoon when you get back.”

Daisy was going out today.

Her mother was supposed to have come home that evening, but she had phoned early that morning to tell her father that she wouldn’t be home until Monday, or possibly even Tuesday. Her father hadn’t seemed disappointed at all-in fact, he had even seemed pleased. It was then that he had given Daisy a few errands to run.

She was to complete them and return before two o’clock, when her next training session would begin. He had chosen her outfit for her-a tight cropped top through which, to her horror, the outline of her fat nipples would be clearly seen. She was to wear a pair of jeggings, which clung lewdly to the fleshy bulge between her thighs. Not only was her cameltoe visually obscene, but she had to walk awkwardly to accomodate the bulk, particularly because he had refused to allow her to wear underwear after all. This allowed the seam of the stretchy denim to work its way immediately between her fat lips and tickle her with every step. Daisy wore a pair of casual flip-flops on the bottom-the only selection her father allowed her.

After breakfast, he handed her the list of errands, kissed her forehead, and sent her out the door with a firm pat on her buttocks.

The day was warm, and the leather car seat had already heated up in the sun. As Daisy sat, the heat radiated up through her thin pants and into her pussy. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to moan or groan-the feeling was both pleasurable and painful. She had to wriggle her hips to get her labia to sit right before she could even begin driving.

Her first assignment was groceries. The list wasn’t very long, but much of what her father wanted was in the fridge and freezer sections, which quickly encouraged her already swollen nipples into rock-hard stiffness. After a few minutes of rummaging through a freezer, Daisy emerged to face a young man, presumably there to restock the case. His eyes dropped immediately to her chest, which Daisy was rather accustomed to. But as he stared, a little frown came across his face, and Daisy glanced down. Her nipples were actually protruding from the smooth curve of her chest by a good two inches, two little tents on the front of her breasts with flat, nickel-sized peaks. The employee turned away, and Daisy wondered if he was turned on or sickened. She clutched the frozen pizzas against her chest and hurried back to her cart.

Daisy was so embarrassed that she kept the pizzas hugged Beşiktaş Escort to her breasts like that until she reached the checkout. When she set them down on the counter, however, she looked down and gasped. The condensation from the pizza had dampened the front of her shirt, painting the two enormous bulges a darker pink-as if they needed emphasizing. Even worse, the wet fabric now clung to her nipples and molded around them, silhouetting every millimeter of dark flesh.

The girl at the checkout counter glanced up and saw her before Daisy could cross her arms over her chest. She stared. Her jaw actually dropped. Finally Daisy managed to wrap her tiny arms around her wet, swollen tits, smiling awkwardly at the checkout girl. The girl didn’t smile. She went back to work, ringing up her items, but her eyes kept flicking to the flesh that bulged over Daisy’s forearms.

As Daisy was leaving, she heard the girl say, “Jesus, I thought this town was too small for pornstars.”

Humiliated, Daisy returned to her car, where the seat was even warmer, and her pussy felt scalded by the heated leather. Luckily she had a bottle of water in the car to cool herself, and drank nearly half of it in one go. She drove to the hardware store to pick up some strips of leather for her dad, as well as a padlock and a few lengths of heavy chain. She found the leather laid out in different widths on the bottom shelf of one of the aisles. She bent over at the waist, stretching her hamstrings as she sought out the requested material.

After a moment, Daisy heard a noise behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw another customer, standing behind her and staring openly at her. She looked down at herself, and found to her horror that her breasts, while not technically exposed, had hung down and caused the cropped tee to ride up almost to her nipples, revealing the entire underside of her jugs. The guy, a rather burly, bearded middle-aged guy, was staring between her spread legs, eyes locked on her bare flesh.

Daisy straightened up immediately, hastening to pull her shirt down as far as she could. She murmured an apology, then squatted down instead. She quickly realized the man hadn’t moved on, and turned to see why he was stil staring at her. Her jeggings, tight as they were, had trouble staying up with her in a squat, and were riding low on her hips. Normally she wore panties, but her father had forbidden them today. Even from her vantage point, she could see the deep cleft of her asscrack peering out over the waistband of her pants, between the rounded tops of her firm asscheeks. With an exasperated sigh, Daisy scooped up whatever items were closest and stood, hauling her purchases to the front counter where she could, at last, hike her pants back up.

Her last stop was a Victoria’s Secret at the mall. She was to pick out two sexy outfits that met her father’s requirements. Daisy was in a hurry at this point-she had food waiting in the car, and her bladder was becoming painfully full. Her dad had told her that she wasn’t to use any public bathrooms on her trip, a restriction she hadn’t considered before drinking a great deal of water with breakfast that morning and again in the car.

Daisy rushed around the store, selecting a pile of outfits and bringing them quickly to the fitting room. She had to wait several minutes for an attendant, and by the time the woman arrived, she was almost squirming. The woman, who would have been considered Beşiktaş Escort Bayan fairly large-breasted, took one look at Daisy’s chest and assumed an expression that suggested she might like to rip her face off. “Wow, I’m surprised we have your size,” she said in a vapid, catty tone before finally leading Daisy to a fitting room. “Let me know if we need to special-order anything for you.”

When the door closed, Daisy tore off her top and ripped her pants down. Her pussy was damp and still swollen from the night before. She looked at it in the mirror, seeing it reflected for the first time, and in public. She wanted to cry. It was so big, so grotesque, so bulbous. She tried to close her thighs, but her swollen pussy prevented her. She grunted in disgust and pulled the first outfit off the hanger.

It was an apron-style teddy that tied with three pink bows in the back. Two little peek-a-boo windows in the bust of the garment exposed her nipples (although Daisy was too disgusted with her appearance to try it out). It seemed to fit her, but only because the material was stretchy and could be distorted to contain her gigantic breasts. Daisy took it off and put it in the maybe pile.

The second option was a sheer pink nightie that opened in the front and barely covered the bottoms of her buttcheeks. She couldn’t find a way to tie it and still keep her breasts covered, so she tossed it to the side and tried the third one.

It was a pink fishnet teddy that came up to a high collar around her throat and covered her chest. The net was wide enough, however, that her stiff nipples poked through. The garment came down like a one-piece swimsuit over her bottom, but it was crotchless, so that her swollen pussy was almost completely exposed. Only a single strand of matching pink pearls ran the length of the crotch, which immediately worked their way in between Daisy’s swollen inner labia. She wriggled a little and almost moaned as one of the pearls rubbed against her own pearl. She giggled.

There was a sudden knock on the door. “Enjoying ourselves, are we?”

Daisy began swiftly undoing the garment. “Oh…of course! Almost done. Just getting dressed.”

Suddenly, to her surprise and horror, the door opened. Just as she pulled the fishnet down over her breasts, spilling them, the clerk who had assisted her earlier pushed her way into the room. “We thought you might like a bra fitting,” she said, making way for a second, older woman clutching a measuring tape. Her eyes widened at the sight of Daisy’s tits.

Daisy thrust her hands over her exposed nipples. “Oh. Um…can I put some clothes on first?”

“Well, you could, but we’re running on a really tight schedule, so let’s just get this over with,” the younger woman snapped. “Hold your hands over your head, please.”

Daisy obeyed, causing the fishnet to fall down to her hips. Her enormous tits rode up, full and round, with their twin nipples thrusting obscenely out at the newcomers.

The first one said, her hands already on the fishnet, “Here, let’s just take this off. I’ll put your garments back on the hangers for you.” Her falsely cheerful voice grated on Daisy’s nerves.

Daisy had to spread her thighs to allow the woman to pull the garment down her legs. Her pussy sprang into view, thick and swollen, mere inches from the woman’s face. She stared at it, incredulous, as she pulled the teddy over first one foot, then the next. “Wow,” she remarked Escort Beşiktaş coolly, “does your boyfriend like it that way, or what?”

Daisy was too shocked and horrified to answer. The woman with the tape measure was cupping a breast with both hands, squeezing it gently and murmuring. “Stick your arms straight out in front of you,” the younger woman said, still crouched down in front of Daisy. She obeyed, and a tape measure was wrapped around her ribcage, just underneath her breasts.

“Here, I’ll help lift them,” offered the younger clerk. Rising, she hefted Daisy’s tits in her hands. “God, they’re fucking heavy. Hurry up.”

The older woman got her measurement and removed the tape. The younger woman dropped her tits, making them jiggle. Then she helped wrap the tape all the way around Daisy’s breasts, just underneath her nipples. It took both women to reach all the way around her. The younger one stared at them scornfully. “Are they always that way, or did you just have a baby?”

Daisy looked away.

Finally the woman were finished. “Put your clothes on and we’ll give you your size.”

Daisy rushed to cover her nakedness, shocked and horrified by her treatment. She had forgotten about her full bladder, but as she pulled her pants up, she was immediately reminded. She needed to get home, and fast.

The woman had taken her outfits with her out of the fitting room. Once she was dressed, Daisy looked all over for her, but she couldn’t find either her or the woman who had performed the fitting. Finally, desperate, she went up to the counter.

“Your outfits are here, dear,” the girl reassured her jovially. “Did you want all three of them today?”

“No,” Daisy said, “no, just the apron and the fishnet teddy, please.”

“Looks like you have a pretty wild weekend planned,” said the girl, although Daisy wondered by her tone if she thought a wild weekend constituted more of a working weekend, perhaps on a pole.

After her purchase, Daisy hurried out of the store and across the mall, struggling to get to her car. She was practically waddling now, her full bladder adding to the awkwardness of her swollen pussy. She was almost there, through the double doors and almost to the parking lot, when she lost control. One moment she wasn’t peeing, and the next moment her bladder just let go. Within seconds, a dark blue patch had formed around the bulge in the crotch of her light blue jeggings and was growing, spreading out between her thighs and down the insides of her legs.

Daisy squealed and began to run, which only made it worse. Her piss squirted straight down from her saturated crotch, a yellow stream that sprayed directly onto her flip-flops and the pavement underneath. She heard people shouting and saw several of them pointing in her direction. She ran past someone, a younger couple, who stared at her open-mouthed. Someone laughed. Someone groaned. Several people clapped.

When Daisy reached her car, she squatted down between the car next to her and pushed, emptying the rest of her bladder forcefully through her jeans. Someone walking past saw her and leered for a moment, then kept walking. A younger guy whom Daisy might have thought was cute once stopped and said, “Hey, while you’re down there, you nasty skank, why don’t you suck my cock? Aww, come on, honey, it’s gotta be cleaner than shoving it in your nasty cunt.”

Daisy leapt up and took an angry step towards him. He backed off, chuckling, and went to join his buddies. Grateful for the momentary privacy, Daisy stripped off her soaked pants, leaving them there on the concrete, and climbed into her car, naked from her rib cage down. The hot seat roasted her wet pussy and ass, but she barely felt it. She was crying now, humiliated and angry.

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