I’m Happily Married…But Ch. 02


At their next session Gail appeared in a suit but it was much more tailored than her ‘one size too big’ look of her first sessions. Mona took particular note of the blouse worn under the open jacket. It wasn’t skin tight but closely followed Gail’s curves. Those curves were very impressive; the woman had a very top-heavy hourglass figure. Gail noticed Mona assessing her and said, “This is my new office look-new suits and blouses that fit better. I keep the jacket buttoned when there are any men around. The other women in the office have noticed and have commented on my curves. One of them thought I had breast enhancement surgery and wouldn’t believe me when I denied it. The other women set her straight saying they’d seen hints of my breast size before. They questioned why I covered my body up since they would all love to have a body like mine. I explained about the men’s leering and they understood. One friend teased that sooner or later I’ll forget to button up and give one of the guys a heart attack.

“In any case, when I get home I either unbutton or remove the jacket. Bill loves my new look. He’s said the blouses could be tighter but he knows how I feel about the men at work so he realizes that’s not going to happen”

At Mona’s request Gail gave a summary of the past week as related to their past session. She reminded Mona that on the day of that visit she’d caught Bill’s attention in the morning by wearing a form fitting dress she hadn’t worn for years. Later, at Mona’s suggestion, she’d teased her husband by phone telling him of the sexy lingerie she was wearing for the first time after about three years of plain cotton. They’d had a passionate evening that day but he’d then left on business for several days. In his absence Gail had culled most of her modest lingerie and baggiest clothing and donated it to charity. She’d bought some demi-cup bras and bikini panties. One set was especially delicate and had a matching garter belt- the first she’s ever bought. She’d splurged on several pairs of high quality stockings and new 4″ heels. With her husband away Gail had worn the garter and stockings with skirts and the high heels around the house for two evenings to get used to them.

Gail blushed and told of using the Internet to order her very first push-up bra for a special at home evening she planned to arrange for the next week. Realizing that she didn’t have any slutty clothes to expose the cleavage the bra would display she’d bought a short Kimono style robe. It could be tied to cover up or expose her bulging breasts. These hadn’t arrived yet.

Mona acknowledged that Gail had certainly been busy and asked if any of her purchases had been worn for her husband yet. Gail explained that they’d returned to their ‘Second Anniversary restaurant’ on Saturday night. She’d worn her garter belt lingerie set and told her husband about it during dinner. He’d gotten excited and they’d skipped dessert in their shared desire to get home quickly. At home he’d absolutely flipped at how sexy she looked when the dress came off. He’d hugged and fondled her passionately. Unfortunately, there was some grumbling and frustration when he took her to bed since her genital area couldn’t be accessed without removing her garter belt, stockings and panties. Bill had found this somewhat disappointing but they’d had passionate sex when he’d gotten her clothes off. Later, Bill had told her how great it was that she was perking up their love life and promised to make his own efforts in that regard. Nothing had come of that yet but he was away on business again so there hadn’t been much time.

Mona smiled and said, “It doesn’t work with all styles of garter belts but many women put their panties on over the garter belt. It makes going to the bathroom easier and gives your lover much easier access. It also allows you to be very slutty and keep the garter belt and stockings on during sex; many men love that look.”

“Oh my. That sounds very sexy. It never occurred to me.”

Mona said, “I need to ask you more about your past sex life and about your husband. I was surprised when you said you’d never touched his penis. That’s fine but as you said it’s a little unusual after being married for five years. I assume you’ve seen his penis. Is there a religious or other cultural constraint on your love life that you haven’t mentioned?”

Gail said, “I have seen his penis from a distance in the shower or when he’s getting dressed. I haven’t seen it up close and haven’t seen it erect. As to the religion question the answer is yes and no. My husband and I both have very conservative religious backgrounds but we moved away from our communities and have tried to be more like everyone else. I hesitate to use the word ‘Amish’ because there are so many misconceptions but we each were raised in Amish communities. The subject of sex was taboo in our youth.”

“Oh, I see,” replied Mona. “That explains a lot. I think the average American man would have put Escort bayan your hand on his penis within the first month of dating if you hadn’t done it yourself. That doesn’t mean that’s the right way for a guy to act but I think it’s the norm in our society. Not touching him during five years of marriage is rather extreme. The Amish background explains things.

“Well, don’t believe half of what you’ve heard about the Amish. For Bill and me it simply means we didn’t have the exposure to TV, movies, books and the Internet that average kids have. We’re not against sex; we’re simply inexperienced. Between our busy schedules and other priorities we just haven’t focused on sex.”

“Okay. Well, I’m not a sex therapist and I don’t think you need me to give you lessons in sexual practices. There are lots of resources for that. On the other hand, you did say your sex life in the early years of your marriage was much better than it is now. Can you describe a little of what you feel you had before but don’t have now?”

Gail hesitated and said, “For one I’d say ‘frequency’ and two, ‘passion’. We were very inexperienced but Bill used to make love to me every day; now it’s maybe once a week. He was so excited to touch me and in particular to play with my breasts that he was almost out of control. Maybe it was the novelty of having my breasts available. He’d never seen or touched anyone else’s breasts.”

Mona said, “Oh. If your breasts were his first I can understand his being over-excited. It must have been like giving a Ferrari to a student driver.”

Gail laughed and acknowledged that their first time together had been very clumsy. “We were both very nervous and somewhat in awe of the other person’s body being so different,” she said. “Bill ejaculated on my leg before he could enter me. I think I adjusted to being with him pretty quickly; he was like the proverbial kid in the candy store with my breasts for at least a year. He’s still obsessed with them- just not as much and not as often.”

“Well, I think that’s a common experience for young couples. The early passion suffers as day to day responsibilities interfere.”

Mona asked about Bill’s business travel and found that for most weeks he was out of town two or three nights. That certainly had an impact of Gail’s ‘frequency’ of sex issue but it prompted Mona to ask for a more detailed description of what a typical sexual encounter might be like. She suggested that Gail tell her about the couple’s last Saturday night when they’d gone to dinner.

Gail said she’d worn her garter belt that night for the first time and felt very sexy. On their arrival back home there had been a few minutes of kissing while Bill undressed her to her lingerie. He had enjoyed the look and feel of the garter belt and stockings but as she’d already recounted there was also some frustration in the undressing. As usual, most of their foreplay was Bill’s breast play. There was then a fast paced single act of intercourse. Mona had not orgasmed but had enjoyed Bill’s lust for her.

Mona asked Gail if Bill knew she wanted more sex. Gail said that he did and that Bill wanted them to have a better sex life as well. She said that he had encouraged Gail to see Mona in the first place.

Gail added, “We talked about improving our sex lives on the phone last week. We agreed we each have to try harder. I confessed to Bill that I’d like him to be more aggressive. As you suggested last week, I wanted to give him permission to be rough with me. I mentioned that sometimes women fantasize about being ravished by pirates and other bad boy types and that I’d had my share of daydreams like that.

Mona said, “Okay. You’ve come to me. Has Bill done anything to learn about sexual practices? Have either of you tried to do something new sexually and been rebuffed by your partner?”

Gail replied, “No. I guess we’ve both been too timid to try anything.”

“Well, let’s get practical. You can address your frequency issue with a little change in your habits. On the days Bill is home and you have sex let me suggest you plan on two- or possibly even three, sexual encounters rather than one. You’re young; your bodies can certainly get recharged for sex a second time. It could be immediately after your first encounter or, if you prefer you could have sex before dinner and again after. Bill’s penis will probably stay hard longer after his first ejaculation so you’ll have a little more time to experiment with foreplay. During the second session the edge of his lust will be off and the whole experience should have a different pace.

“There’s more for you to do. I want you to buy some sex ed materials. Both of you should read them as soon as possible so that we’re sure you each understand your partner’s body and aren’t relying on erroneous information from a school yard friend or the like. I’m sure Amazon sells educational books and videos. Beyond basic education, I’d suggest some specialized Bayan Escort focus on ‘how to’ sexual techniques. A video of oral sex-one for the man and one for the woman might be a good place to start. This will build on your knowledge of the other person’s genital area that you can use for touching and then build up to oral.

“Now, listen carefully. You’ll need to explain what I’m about to say to Bill and then implement it. After you each complete the educational reading I want you to agree on an ‘exploration day’ for you and a separate session for him. On that day it’s the explorer’s right and responsibility to explore your partner’s body and then play with his/her erogenous areas. You can be clumsy- it should be expected. Your partner can and should tell you what feels good or what’s too rough or too fast or slow but shouldn’t be critical or resist anything. The explorer is to have free access to the other person’s body and total control of the session. After exploring you should bring your partner to orgasm without intercourse. That’s the goal; the exploring person should get comfortable touching and learn how to give pleasure. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be limited to one day. You can repeat the experience and probably should.”

“Oh my. I guess we’re going to move forward. It’s exciting. I’m sure Bill will think so, too.”

“I’ll expect a report next week. In fact, I’ll expect a report from Bill, too. I want to hear what he did. He can come with you to your session or give me a report by phone. For each of you the report doesn’t need to be pornographic but it should be detailed and explicit; you needn’t worry about shocking me. I’ll want to know what you did physically, how your partner’s body reacted, and how you felt about the experience. I’ll want to know about how much time you spent with Bill’s cock in your hands and from him, how long he was touching you intimately. You are not to rush. Take your time exploring and teasing the other person. If it’s less than 30 minutes in a session you didn’t do enough. Well, I take that back. If he ejaculates sooner it won’t be your fault but that simply means you should go back later for another session. This is what you’re to do this week. I don’t want any excuses.”

Gail smiled and said sheepishly, “You know… I’m not totally innocent. I’ve read some racy books and feel that I should respond to your directions with, “Yes Mistress.”

Mona was taken aback by the reply. She concluded it was intended purely as humor. She hesitated, smiled and said in a stern tone, “Well…just see that you give and receive pleasure as I directed. If I’m not satisfied by your report I may have to order Bill to discipline you.”

Now it was Gail’s turn to be off balance. She blushed and in a soft voice simply said, “Yes Mistress.”

After Gail left Mona reflected on the session and wrote some notes in her file. She couldn’t help but wonder how a naïve girl like Gail found herself reading about “mistresses’. It sounded like she was kinky even though inexperienced- unusual but certainly possible. In fact, Mona had been a little like that during puberty.

Gail followed Mona’s instructions in ordering several books and videos. With expedited delivery they were in hand by the time Bill returned home from his trip. Gail explained Mona’s plan. She then dictated a 2 day reading period during which they’d exchange the books so they’d have the same information. On the third evening, Friday, they’d watch the 2 ‘how to’ videos separately on their respective computers with earphones since each had a distinct male or female focus. As suggested by Mona the subject of each video was oral sex but Gail explained to Bill that they were also intended to increase the viewer’s knowledge and comfort level about touching. Gail’s exploration session would follow the videos and Bill would have his turn after that. There would be no sexual intercourse during their three nights of ‘schooling’ since they were to focus on touching. Over the ensuing weekend they’d have as many exploration sessions as possible and intercourse would be fine after they’d each had one or two introductory explorations.

They dutifully read their books over two evenings. Each was looking forward to Friday. They agreed they’d have a light dinner followed immediately by the videos so there’d be adequate time for the exploration sessions. The bed was to serve as the study site with the top sheet and bedspread removed. The lighting was to be brighter than they were used to for sex so that the explorer could actually see his lover’s body.

After watching her ‘How to give a blow job’ video Gail was very aroused. Watching 45 minutes of women talking about and demonstrating oral sex on hard cocks was much more intense than she’d expected. She’d never seen so many images of erect penises and certainly never seen one ejaculate. While she was nervous, she couldn’t wait to examine Bill’s penis. Seeing it up close in Escort an erect state, touching it and feeling its arousal was going to be hot.

When the time came for Gail to explore Bill she told Bill to undress and lie on his back on their bed. When he’d done so, she tied a scarf around his left wrist and pulled it toward the bedpost. She tied the other end to the bed and tested her knots with a strong tug. Bill stared at her in wonder but didn’t resist. His cock was erect and bobbing in the air above his waist which Gail took in at a distance as she moved to the other side of the bed. As she bound his other wrist she said, “I’ve been directed to explore your body slowly and thoroughly. I intend to do as directed and tell Mona all about it. I suspect you will get excited and may become impatient so I’m assuring your cooperation.”

Bill asked if Mona had suggested the scarves. Gail surprised him by saying, “No. This was completely my idea. I’ve read some books that include sexual bondage and I thought I’d like to ‘explore’ you body that way. You’re invited to do the same with me; in fact, I’m looking forward to being helpless while you explore me.”

Gail leaned over the bed with her face about a foot away from Bill’s cock. She was aroused by her first up close view of an erect cock. It was very different from the little bump she’d seen years ago when changing her brother’s diaper. “Very nice,” she said. “It’s very exciting to know that big thing has been inside of me and will be again. It’s also hot to be learning how to have a whole new relationship with it. Since you’re erect and I haven’t even taken my clothes off or touched you I think you’re looking forward to our new relationship too.”

Bill answered, “Oh yes. My penis has been hard quite often over the past two days as I fantasized about you touching me- not just today but frequently in our future.”

Gail stood up straight and with Bill staring at her, slowly removed her dress. It wasn’t a strip tease but she did her best to move in a slow and sensuous way. She was wearing her new demi-bra and panties without the matching garter belt. Exposing her body to her husband in lingerie made her feel sexy and seemed appropriate for her exploration session. She’d considered going topless but wasn’t ready for quite that much exposure. She knew that would come with Bill’s ‘exploration’ of her.

Gail climbed onto the bed and knelt over Bill’s shins. Lowering her head she tentatively reached out and gingerly nudged Bill’s cock to the left and then to the right as she studied it from a distance of about 18″. She smiled and encircled it with her fingers to get a better feel. “Very hot- both physically warm and sexually hot,” she said.

Gail leaned in to examine him more closely. “It’s much more intricate than I’d imagined. I wasn’t expecting all of the ridges and veins and the head is bigger and smoother than the rest. I thought it was just a smooth stub. The bumps and ridges give it a real personality. Do you suppose they’re like a fingerprint? Nobody else’s bumps and veins match yours- or should I say mine? I’m starting to think of this as ‘my penis’- it’s my toy. It’s matched to my vagina and only my vagina- like a key and a lock.”

Bill groaned softly and his cock throbbed under Gail’s light touch. “Oh,” said Gail. “That’s interesting. It’s as if your penis is listening to me and talking back. Does it like me? Well, that’s stupid. Of course it’s likes me. I’m touching it and it’s been in my vagina. I guess I should say ‘pussy’ I have to get used to saying cock and pussy; those words sound much more erotic.” Bill’s cock twitched again.

Bill said, “My cock loves being touched by you. You’re driving me crazy. Hearing you use the words cock and pussy is also very hot. I don’t think I’ve ever heard those words come out of your mouth.”

Gail smiled and said, “Well, in the near future I expect to experiment with your cock going into and out of my mouth. Somehow ‘sucking on a penis’ doesn’t sound right. I’ve read some erotic fiction and no one is ever called a ‘penis sucker.”

Bill grunted an “Oh,” and his cock twitched more than it had. “Will my cock be in your mouth today?”

“We’ll see. I have a lot of cock studying to do first and I suspect you may erupt long before getting into my mouth. We have the whole weekend ahead of us.”

Gail moved her body to Bill’s feet and leaned in to get a different view. Her fingers encircled Bill’s cock and gently slid up and down several times. He squirmed under her touch. “It’s fascinating,” she said. “I know it doesn’t have a brain of its own but it’s alive and reacts to me as if it does. I guess it’s like having a pet; it’s my new pet. I get to cuddle and caress it and it presses against me to show how good my fingers feel.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t like too much cuddling. It likes to be rubbed and squeezed more firmly after a limited amount of cuddling.”

“Okay. I understand but for now I’m just exploring and you have to be patient. I’m currently getting my first look at your testicles…er, balls. I expected them to be more distinct. I can see there are two but they’re really enclosed in their pouch and almost look like one ball.”

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